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The time of the three integration pilot program will be postponed again

the countdown of the three integration pilot program is making unprecedented pressure on both sides

on April 28, SARFT issued two licensing thresholds for TV terminals: Internet TV content service management specification and Internet TV integrated business management specification. According to these two new regulations, the content source of each Internet TV terminal should be controlled by radio and television

as early as April 12, SARFT issued a "No. 41 document", requiring that areas that carry out IPTV TV business without the approval of SARFT be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the provisions on the administration of Internet audio-visual program services and other regulations. According to this article, the IPTV business of telecom enterprises, including Guangdong, Zhejiang and other provinces with large IPTV users, will be forcibly suspended

the introduction of such a high-density document of SARFT, in the view of the outside world, is behind the increasingly prominent competition among radio and television, telecommunications and Internet industries

on April 8, the Ministry of industry and information technology, together with six national ministries and commissions, launched the fiber bandwidth improvement plan. According to the plan of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the bandwidth speed of ordinary users will be increased to megabytes/second next year. A technician from Chinatelecom told that the reason for choosing this bandwidth is that it allows broadband users to easily watch high-definition videos on the network

in fact, the "No. 41 document" of SARFT to stop IPTV did not stop telecom operators from advancing in this field. On April 27, Chinatelecom launched 3D HD IPTV and other new services in Shanghai. Soon, Chongqing Unicom also launched a trial commercial IPTV business

among the city level network operators, the detection network in charge of cable TV certification is in close combat with the Internet under Telecom. In the business of community broadband, cable TV operators are also expanding their territory

This is just the opposite to the short-term development of vehicles.

now, from the government level to the two systems of telecommunications and radio and television, it is recognized that the three integration can promote network interconnection and resource sharing, improve network utilization, research on the key performance indicators of sound level meters and modified traditional carbon materials, and place the microphone at a distance of 1.0m away from the experimental machine to avoid repeated construction. But in this short month, we still need to make arduous efforts to resolve these differences and come up with the final pilot plan. Economic Observer

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