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Potential safety hazards and Preventive Countermeasures in crossing construction

in the construction of power lines, crossing and stringing construction across various obstacles is often encountered. Due to the wide variety of obstacles crossed by power lines, including various power lines, communication lines, highways, railways, houses, etc., and the complexity of crossing points, the crossing frame will eventually be tested and declared to complete the line construction once, which will bring great safety hazards. For example, an accident during construction may lead to a long-term power outage across the power line, which may even endanger personal safety, and the loss is very amazing. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of crossing construction, the method of erecting crossing frames and closing the crossed objects is usually adopted; Before construction, the crossing points shall be carefully investigated, analyzed and studied, and safe and reliable technical measures shall be formulated to eliminate all possible potential safety hazards. First, the causal analysis chart method is used to find out the main factors affecting safety based on previous construction experience. It is predicted that the Asian composite market will grow by double digits in the next five years. Therefore, it is particularly important to analyze the safety hazards of the crossing frame and crossing construction before construction

Detailed reference: the most important indicator of fastener assembly in ISO ⑴ 6047 standard is the preload

according to the cause and effect analysis diagram of safety hazards in crossing construction, the main factors that may affect safety are analyzed from the five aspects of human, machine, material, method and environment according to previous construction experience. However, for different projects and different objects to be crossed, we should draw a more detailed causal analysis diagram of potential safety hazards according to the specific crossing conditions, and formulate specific safety measures on this basis

first, strengthen the control of construction personnel. The reason for taking the construction personnel as the controlled object is mainly to avoid operational errors. Taking the construction personnel as the driving force of control, we should fully mobilize their enthusiasm and give play to the leading role of human factor first. Before crossing construction, detailed technical disclosure should be carried out to the construction personnel, so that the responsibilities are clear and specific to each person, so that all construction personnel can fully understand the procedures, methods and safety measures of crossing construction. For the crossing construction adopting new technologies and methods, the construction personnel shall be trained. In addition, contact the owner of the crossed object and ask him to send personnel to the site for supervision

second, strengthen the control of crossing construction materials and equipment. The materials and equipment for the crossing construction have a direct impact on the progress, quality and safety of the crossing construction. The selection of materials and equipment should be based on the principles of adjusting measures to local conditions and engineering conditions, and in accordance with the principles of advanced technology, economic rationality, construction applicability, reliable performance, safe use, convenient operation and maintenance, highlighting the characteristics of the combination of machinery and construction, so that it has the applicability of the project, the reliability of ensuring the quality of the project, and the convenience and safety of use and operation. Before using the crossing frame, corresponding mechanical strength and electrical tests should be carried out according to the characteristics of the crossed object, so that the equipment and materials used for crossing construction have high reliability

third, strengthen the control of crossing construction methods. Whether the construction scheme is correct or not directly affects the safety of crossing construction. When formulating the crossing construction scheme, we must combine the actual situation of the site, conduct a comprehensive analysis and comprehensive consideration from the aspects of technology, organization, management, process, operation, etc., and strive to be technically feasible, economically reasonable, advanced process, effective measures, convenient operation, conducive to safety, improve quality, speed up progress, and reduce costs. The construction scheme shall be prepared in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction technology management system, and the adopted scheme shall have detailed safety measures, which have been reviewed and approved

fourth, strengthen the control of the crossing construction environment. The environmental factors affecting the crossing construction are mainly reflected in the terrain of the crossing point, the climate during construction, the working environment, etc. Because the crossing objects of power line construction have complex and changeable characteristics, the impact of environmental factors on construction should be comprehensively considered, and effective measures should be taken and strictly controlled according to the characteristics and specific conditions of the crossing points. For example, whether construction can be carried out in rainy, snowy and windy weather should be strictly defined; During night construction, corresponding lighting measures shall be taken, and specific reinforcement measures shall be taken for the crossing frame in special environment

while strengthening the control of the above aspects, we should strictly implement the safety inspection management system. Before the crossing construction, it is necessary to spend a certain amount of time on safety education activities. What are the functional characteristics and precautions of the horizontal tensile testing machine of steel wire rope? Now please follow me to take a look: analyze the hidden dangers of accidents in previous construction, and put forward safety measures. For example, when crossing live lines, you should apply to the power supply operation Department to handle the procedures of reclosing protection during construction; For the construction across railway lines, the operation of trains during the construction period shall be mastered; When crossing the highway, the peak traffic volume should be avoided. These safety measures should be reflected in the construction plan. Only by doing so can we ensure the safety and reliability of the crossing construction

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