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The post-processing file of MasterCAM software and its setting method

MasterCAM is a widely used cad/cam/cae software package. It adopts the graphic interactive automatic programming method to realize the NC programming and successfully complete the difficult limb movement - "stone, scissors, cloth" fist guessing system. Interactive programming is a programming method of man-machine dialogue. Programmers talk with the computer repeatedly according to the contents of the screen prompts, select the menu directory or answer the questions of the computer until all the questions are answered, and then the NC program can be automatically generated. The automatic generation of NC program is controlled by the post-processing function of the software. Different processing modules (such as turning, milling, wire cutting, etc.) and different NC systems correspond to different post-processing files. Which post-processing file is currently used by the software is set during the software installation. Before the specific application software is programmed, it is generally necessary to modify and set the current post-processing file to make it meet the system requirements and the programming habits of users. Some "users do not understand the situation when using the software and do not modify the post-processing files, resulting in some redundant contents in some fixed places in the generated NC program, or some words and sentences are always omitted. In this way, before the program is transferred to the NC machine tool, the program must be manually modified. If not all corrections are made, accidents may be caused. For example, the control system of a machine tool uses g54 workpiece coordinate system for positioning and G90 absolute coordinate programming. It is required that the generated NC program must have g54g90 setting in front of it. If the post-processing file is set to g55g91, the program generated each time contains G55 experimental curve, experimental force value and result judgment G91, but there is not necessarily g54g90. If it is not corrected manually during processing, it is bound to cause processing errors. This paper introduces the contents of MasterCAM post-processing documents and the methods of modification and setting, for the relevant personnel to refer to the performance of waste foam granulator for higher R & D and skill investment

2mastercam software introduction

mastercam is a microcomputer based cad/cam software developed by American cncsoftware company. Versions above V5.0 run on Windows operating system. Because of its low price and complete functions, it has a high market share. The CAD function of the software can build 2D or 3D graphics, especially suitable for the modeling and modeling design of mold parts with complex shapes and various spatial surfaces. In cam, it has the following characteristics:

(1) provide reliable and accurate tool path

(2) it can be processed directly on surfaces and solids

(3) provide a variety of processing methods

(4) provide a complete tool library, material library and processing parameter database

mastercam has various processing modules such as turning, milling, drilling, wire cutting, etc., allowing users to graphically and modify tool paths by observing tool movements. In addition, the software provides a variety of graphic file interfaces, including DXF, IGES, STL, STA, ASCII, etc

3mastercam software Corps processing file

post processing file is abbreviated as post processing file. It is a file that can be modified by users in the form of answering questions, and its extension is PST。 Before applying the automatic programming function of MasterCAM software, this file must be processed first, and then the NC program that meets the needs of a controller and the habits of users can be generated when executing the post-processing program, that is, the post-processing program can define the NC program of a controller into the format used by the controller. Taking the post-processing system of FANUC series as an example, it can be defined as the format used by fanuc3m controller or fanuc6m controller, but it cannot be used to define other series of controllers. Different series of post-processing files are slightly different in content, but their formats and main parts are similar. They generally include the following five parts:

(1) annotation. The post-processing file and its setting method are generally introduced

(2) commands. The function of an instruction is to exert influence on the variables behind it. For example, if oldvars and newvars instructions are written before the tool number variable t when answering question 3, the number of the previous tool will be called when using oldvars, and the tool number currently used will be called when using newvars

(3) variables. The definitions of various variables used in the "problem" are given. A total of 26 variables are defined in the post-processing files of FANUC series, such as prog_ N= program number, f= feed rate, s= spindle speed, t= tool number, etc

(4) problems. This part is the main part of the post-processing file. The post-processing file of FANUC series includes nearly 200 questions. The answers to these questions will determine the format of the NC program to be output in the future

4 setting method of post-processing file

4.1 general rules of post-processing file

the sum setting of post-processing file only needs to be carried out for the "problem" in part (4) Each question in the PST file is preceded by a number and followed by a decimal point. If there is no number before the problem, the problem will be ignored during post-processing. When answering a question before number 20, you need to type the answer text in the next line of the question, and the answer content can include multiple lines; Questions after the 20th are all marked with a question mark, and the answer is written directly after the question mark without line breaks. Such questions are often answered with "Y" or "n". When answering questions, use variables instead of quotation marks, and the string must be enclosed in quotation marks (for example, "g91g28z0m05"), and the text in quotation marks will be written into the program as the string is. Variables and characters should be separated by commas

4.2 use of variables

the definition of variables has been explained at the beginning of the post-processing file, and the meaning of variables can be understood by consulting when using. Once used in answering questions, variables will express the definite meaning in the generated NC program. Such as variable spindle_ On, when the speed is positive or 0, it is defined as M03, and when it is negative, it is defined as M04. If this variable is used when answering the question, M03 or M04 will be written in the corresponding part of the NC program. Variable prog_ N if it is written in question 1 or 2, the program number given during NC program planning will work. Variable first_ Tool is used to call what is used in the program

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