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The potential economic and social benefits of green packaging (III)

v. the technology of realizing green packaging is becoming more and more mature

composting of degradable plastics and soilless culture substrate technology are the supporting technologies for the environmental pollution-free treatment of degradable plastic lunch boxes and other products. After recycling, the waste snack box can be mixed with soil and other substrates through crushing and harmless treatment for soilless or semi soil cultivation. The waste plastic oiling technology uses high-performance catalyst to convert high-density polyethylene or polypropylene plastic under certain pressure and temperature. Depolymerization ". And make the hydrocarbon elements in the plastic particles connect again into long-chain hydrocarbon compounds, namely liquid petroleum; It can produce diesel and gasoline that meet the national standards, and the oil production rate can reach more than 75%; If necessary devices are installed. Liquefied gas and carbon black can also be added. By changing the catalyst, toluene, xylene, pure benzene and other chemical products can be produced. In addition, waste plastics (including PE, PP, PVC, PS) and filling mixtures (including a variety of urban wastes such as activated carbon residues, crushed animal and plant wastes, weathered coal, humic acid and other powders) are used to form a fertilizer coating. The cost of coating is only about 300 yuan/T higher than that of ordinary compound fertilizer. This is a change. White pollution "is. The environmental protection project of "green fertilizer" can absorb a large amount of packaging waste

China's green tableware, especially pulp molded products, comprehensively applies professional technologies such as precision machinery, fine chemicals, hydraulic transmission, vacuum technology, thermal conduction, sensing technology, electronic automatic control and microcomputer programming. At present, the production technology of pulp molded tableware has been mature. The construction period of the production line is short. The equipment has a high degree of localization, and the personnel can operate the machine skillfully after short-term training; Moreover, the whole production process is pollution-free. At the same time. Plant fiber molding tableware production technology is also gradually maturing; There are also breakthroughs in the development of oil and water proofing agents in China. It will greatly reduce the cost. China's pulp molded tableware is three-dimensional papermaking. Integrated molding. Uniform specifications. High hardness, high strength - bursting strength (fiber tightness) can reach more than 1200 kiloplatinum. Good finish, waterproof and oil-proof, heat insulation and fresh-keeping, beautiful and hygienic. It can be set to 360 degrees horizontally; (4) It has the function of preventing twice impact; (5) The heavy hammer can automatically heat zero in the microwave oven; Moreover, it can produce a series of tableware such as boxes, bowls, plates, dishes, cups and so on in various styles, varieties, shapes and specifications. It can fully meet the needs of the catering industry and consumers

edible packaging materials replace the traditional plastic packaging technology, which effectively solves the contradiction between packaging materials and environmental protection. At present, the edible packaging film mixed with soybean protein and starch is on the market, which can maintain moisture, block oxygen, and maintain the original taste and nutritional value of food. The other is chitosan edible packaging film, which extracts chitosan from shellfish and combines it with lauric acid to form a uniform edible film. It has a good fresh-keeping effect, and deacetylated chitosan is used as raw material to process into packaging paper. It can be used for the packaging of fast-food noodles, condiments, bread, food, etc

the thermoplastic film produced by liukesichuang is used to produce SI2 seats and speed up the establishment of packaging engineering system

more and more environmental protection clauses appear in the national trade agreement. Green packaging has become a shield for western developed countries to prevent developing countries from entering the international market. Formation. Green trade barriers ". If there is no green label product, some developed countries will refuse to import, and may not give preferential treatment in terms of price and tariff. After death. Although China has a comprehensive multilateral trade environment, if the packaging can not keep up, it will restrict the development of foreign trade exports. Therefore, it is popularized in China. "Green packaging" is imperative. We should speed up the establishment of a green packaging industrial system to make packaging "green"

first. We should pay attention to the development and substitution of packaging materials. The international packaging industry has entered an era dominated by the development of environmentally friendly materials to replace traditional materials. China's packaging industry should also actively follow up. Focus on the development and substitution of packaging materials. The non-metallic impact testing machine has good environmental performance and does not cause harm to the environment and people. Recyclable or degradable packaging materials

second. Promote cleaner production. Packaging products are widely used in medicine, food, beverage and other fields. Involving people's life safety and health. The packaging industry should comply with the requirements of the cleaner production law. Implement cleaner production management

third. We should pay attention to the recycling and reuse of packaging waste to save energy and resources. According to the analysis of relevant data, recycling aluminum materials such as cans can save 95% of the new energy used in the production of aluminum; Recycling steel and glass waste can save 50% of the energy required for the production of this material

fourth. Reduce the types of materials and coating in production. In order to simplify the manufacturing process of packaging and facilitate the disassembly, recycling, classification and reuse of packaging. Try to avoid using a variety of different materials in packaging design. For complex packaging, the structural design of easy disassembly and separation should be adopted. The German Packaging Engineer of whirlpool company reduced the number of materials used in packaging from 20 to 4. On the premise of meeting the basic functional requirements, it not only reduces the material cost, but also reduces the cost of processing packaging waste by half. In order to make the package more beautiful and corrosion-resistant, a large number of materials with plating are used in the design of ready-made packaging. This not only brings difficulties to the recovery and reuse of materials after the products are scrapped, but also most of the coatings themselves are toxic, especially the coating and plating process has also brought great pollution to the environment. Such as volatile toxic solvent smell of paint, waste liquid and residue pollution containing chromium and other heavy metals during electroplating, etc. Therefore, packaging materials without coating or plating should be selected as far as possible

fifth. Establish a mechanism for recycling packaging materials and packaging waste. Focus on the development of various forms of packaging waste recycling, public sorting, treatment and resource industry companies. Keep the packaging garbage before it is abandoned. Curb possible environmental pollution in the bud

Sixth, speed up the process of integrating with international standards. Vigorously promote international standards in the packaging industry. Improve the international competitiveness of China's packaging products

seventh. Strengthen the education of green awareness and legislation in packaging. Countries around the world have formulated a series of mandatory packaging laws and regulations to manage the production, circulation and use of packaging in order to maintain the annual Top 50 leading enterprises of new materials and protect their ecological environment from pollution. Promote the development of green packaging industry by law

driven by the trend of green consumption. People will no longer only pay attention to the quality of goods, the exquisite packaging and whether the goods meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also pay more attention to whether there is on the packaging. Green package "sign

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