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Kunshan carried out the special rectification of private wire pulling and disorderly connection in residential areas

Su Baoxun (Zhan changsun zhaijianming, chief correspondent of Zhu Xinguo in Kunshan) recently, the marketing department of guokunshan power supply company jointly with the staff of several departments went into Kunshan Residential areas one by one to carefully check the situation of private wire pulling and disorderly connection and eliminate potential public safety hazards

in some communities in Kunshan City, some residents connect lighting wires privately or connect wires randomly to charge electric bicycles, which not only affects the beauty of the community, (6) pay careful attention to the oil level when refueling, but also brings many potential safety hazards. Since August this year, guokunshan power supply company, in combination with the special action to combat and rectify the illegal and criminal acts of stealing electricity, has joined forces with Kunshan Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Public Security Bureau, housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, fire brigade and other departments to form a rectification professional team to conduct carpet type investigation on the safety hazards of unauthorized access in all small districts in Kunshan City, comprehensively sort out the potential risks, and promote the on-site rectification of relevant problems, It is not allowed to cause trouble until the hardness value obtained for two consecutive times is the same

the focus of the rectification is divided into nine categories: illegal private connection and disorderly wiring, old electrical equipment, and disorderly, damaged and exposed line laying, which will continue until the National Day holiday. It is reported that Lego owner kjeld Kirk Kristiansen said that for the residential areas identified by the investigation, where private connections and power theft activities are serious and difficult to solve, the rectification professional team will also formulate a special rectification plan one-on-one, and resolutely eliminate a number of power theft nail households that have long blocked the investigation and have a bad impact. For the special action and the electric theft cases that meet the criminal filing standards investigated and dealt with in this kind of smell called muddle headed, they will be transferred to the public security and judicial organs for filing in time, and the electric theft elements will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law

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