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Kunshan Yake Xiangjie mold using PowerMILL trial cutting case introduction

Kunshan Yake Xiangjie Mold Co., Ltd. was established in October 2002, with a total investment of 5million US dollars. It is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, the most economically developed region of the Yangtze River Delta in China, close to the international metropolis Shanghai. The company specializes in the production and processing of plastic molds and precision plastic products, and is equipped with rich human resources and first-class production equipment

in terms of using processing software, another processing software was purchased in 2004 and 2006 respectively. In the processing process, there are some phenomena such as low processing efficiency and sometimes overcut. Yake Xiangjie struggled to find software that could improve processing efficiency in the market, and later learned about Delcam's PowerMILL software through Yangfan software company. In order to better meet the actual needs of customers, both parties conducted actual cutting according to Yake's product model


1. The programming time of PowerMILL is shorter

due to the reduction of auxiliary modeling time, a lot of programming time is saved. Programming time of original processing software: 3 hours, programming time of PowerMILL: 1 hour. Save 2 hours of programming

2. The tool path is safer

because PowerMILL calculates the tool path completely according to the 3D model, rather than manually defining the 2D contour line, the tool path is safer, and at the same time, it reduces the dependence on the programming experience of engineers

3. The tool path of PowerMILL is more suitable for high-speed milling

powermill all tool Universal Experimental machines have diverse structures, different performance characteristics, and the path connections are smooth arcs, minimizing the damage to the machine tool in high-speed machining

the cutting load of PowerMILL is basically uniform, which maximizes the service life of the tool

4. Better processing quality of PowerMILL

the same process parameters, better processing quality of PowerMILL! Better surface quality

President Lin of Yake told us that we have long heard of the strong position of PowerMILL in high-speed milling. Today's results have been well verified. The introduction of software is believed to make outstanding contributions to the development of Yake Xiangjie

attached report

Kunshan Yake Xiangjie m071115-t model PowerMILL report

I. model analysis

machining surface 243, model size: 78*82* 28mm, material: red copper

the shape of the part is relatively simple, but there are various characteristics. How to ensure the machining quality while taking into account the machining quality is a very key link in this model

II. Tool path analysis of the original processing software:

in order to reduce the actual processing of a large number of tool lifts, the software basically adopts 2D programming. The advantages of this programming are: neat tool path, less tool lifts, and good cutting quality control. But the disadvantage is: engineers need rich programming experience. If you don't consider it carefully, there will be security risks! At the same time, I have a deep understanding of programming software, and I am very skilled in using it. Moreover, a large number of auxiliary lines and auxiliary surfaces need to be made, and the model processing time is very long

there is a lot of such information in the model, which is inconvenient for the management of model files. Especially after the design change, the above work needs to be repeated, and it is not easy for other engineers to take over

it takes about 3 hours for a skilled engineer with gradually mature industry to compile such a program

because the processing efficiency and quality have been fully considered in the process of compiling such a program, the actual processing time of the program compiled by the original processing software is 145 minutes, so the processing quality is good

III. PowerMILL programming analysis:

this model does not have an auxiliary line and auxiliary surface, and is completely programmed according to the three-dimensional model

the above figure shows the three-axis rough cutting path of PowerMILL, which has very little tool lifting, uniform cutting, better protection of tools, long tool service life, and smooth tool path connection, suitable for high-speed milling

powermill knife path is neat, connected to Guangshun, and the knife path is safe and efficient

pow classification and performance ermill finish machining, automatic tool path extension and smooth connection

total processing time: 138 minutes

IV. processing quality comparison

the picture above is the processing result of the original processing software and PowerMILL, but it can be clearly seen from the picture that the processing result of PowerMILL is better! (end)

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