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Kurz launched transparent holographic cold pressing foil for web printing

Kurz Group continues to play a leading role in the field of hot pressing decoration. In order to pursue the belief that the latest invention is used in the field of hot stamping, Kurtz now introduces a transparent holographic cold stamping foil for web printing, which makes the cold stamping foil as a design tool and plays the role of anti-counterfeiting protection at the same time. Transparent foil can be used as a transparent protective film for customers' designs and company symbols with high elastic and breathable colors, signs and various product labels. 5 if it is improperly operated, jg/t 24 ⑵ 000 synthetic resin lotion sand wall architectural coating protective film. The interaction between holographic pattern and underlying printing creates a special pattern effect. At the same time, a higher level is set for forgers to prevent the manipulation of the old press with a good number of products after printing by updating the control system and display system

transparent foil is made of various standard holographic patterns, and customer specific designs can also be ordered. In addition to the independent pattern OVD (optical variable image), any surface design can be achieved, but the current cold pressing technology has not been applied to the independent pattern OVD requiring positioning and hot stamping. The image transfer of positioning ironing requires an optical identification reading device and a timer to control the foil feeding. At present, this kind of production has not been achieved in the cold ironing process

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