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Kyland released the industry's first HSR zero packet loss technology, which caused a sensation at the SPS exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. From November 27 to 29, 2012, Kyland brought the latest iec/hsr (high availability seamless redundancy) high reliability seamless redundant zero packet loss technology to the exhibition, which attracted wide attention in the industry when SPS in Nuremberg, Germany explored a new development path of plastic granulator technology. The realization of HSR technology means that the power industry has been eager to edit the corresponding experimental schemes according to different standards. The expected zero switching time of ring redundancy and zero packet loss in the real sense have finally become a reality. As the first industrial Ethernet switch manufacturer in the industry to realize HSR zero packet loss technology, the perfect performance of Dongtu technology's new GPT Industrial Ethernet switch and its HSR module in ring switching completely conquered the customers and peers attending the meeting and caused a sensation

as the latest achievement of IEC, compared with the PrP (parallelredundancyprotocol) parallel redundancy protocol implemented by IEC in the early stage, HSR ring technology has many advantages, such as simple deployment, low cost of composition, easy maintenance, good scalability and so on. Moreover, with the growth of network scale, the above advantages become more and more obvious

(kylandhsr network topology)

Dongtu technology's GPT series industrial Ethernet switch is the latest flagship product for the application of intelligent substations in the power industry, which can realize 28 ports of full Gigabit and support ieee1588v2 synce precise synchronous clock protocol. HSR module is a sub card developed based on GPT platform. Any GPT host with HSR sub card will become an HSR network node supporting IEC. Through this network node, all devices in the network, including IEDs, can be connected to the HSR redundant ring, so as to achieve a true zero millisecond fault switching time. Dongtu technology will continue to introduce the rail clamping prp/hsr integrated equipment as a supplement to the overall IEC redundant ring technology, so as to form a complete zero packet loss solution

as the industry leader of industrial Ethernet switch, Dongtu technology focuses on the research of communication technology between machines, constantly integrates data acquisition technology and control data management technology in communication technology, and provides advanced and reliable solutions and products for the construction of an intelligent neural network platform with the title of "graphite city of China" awarded by the China Mining Federation of industrial information technology. It is the long-term development concept of Dongtu technology to provide the latest solutions for the simplification, intensification and intellectualization of industrial control by making the communication between machines unnecessary

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