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Kunshan: use scientific and technological means to fight against "Li Gui" paint

Kunshan: use scientific and technological means to fight against "Li Gui" whose task is to control electromechanical paint by servo system

July 14, 2006

now home decoration paint and coating are the most common decorative materials, but where to buy paint and coating products has always been a confusing thing for consumers. Many consumers find that driven by interests, some paint dealers have "small actions in the industrial sector": to pursue profits, they confuse the fake with the real, fake famous brands, and steal money. The direct consequence is that the owner cannot guarantee the paint quality in the decoration process. As a result, the homogeneous use proportion of coating products in the current market has increased significantly, and the degree of homogenization is quite high. This makes consumers in a relatively weak position unable to distinguish for a while. At the same time, due to the particularity of paint products, the paint after opening the can cannot be returned, and the quality problems caused to consumers are often unable to be properly solved, making the owners lose interest in the whole decoration. At present, Kunshan's major brand paint manufacturers have adopted some technical and technological means to fight against "Li Gui" paint

in the interview, the marketing department personnel of a well-known brand company in Shanghai introduced that recently, the relevant departments of the company also made a special trip to investigate some paint and coating products in Kunshan building materials market, and found several fake or similar paint and coating products with the brand name, which caused certain misleading to consumers in purchasing. In the interview, it was also found that in the traditional building materials market, consumers are often difficult to make choices when facing many coating products. In the interview, an owner of Hexing east city said that the brand paint store not only safeguarded the brand interests, but also objectively safeguarded the interests of consumers. The person in charge of "Nippon" paint monopoly store said that the form of monopoly store is to eliminate the problems of consumers in the bud to the greatest extent

while safeguarding the interests of consumers, we will continue to pay attention to relevant topics in some paint stores in Kunshan, and we are ensuring product quality through some technical means. In the Shanghai "Nippon" paint store located at the West Bridge, we can see that the store has started a special network scanning system to scan and register the bar codes of paint and coating products sold by the store. And issue a special quality assurance certificate for each consumer, print the customer's address, and the batch number of the products purchased, and immediately send it to the Shanghai head office through the network, so that each consumer can give the product verification certificate on the company's station with the product number on the quality insurance policy. At the same time, each barrel of paint sold by the store has its own special password. As long as consumers have one, they can know a variety of information such as the date of production, the name of the dealer, and the quality standard of the product, so as to accurately identify the authenticity of the product and obtain quality assurance

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