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On February 25, Zhu Leke, deputy leader of the leading group for disaster relief and recovery and reconstruction of the State Forestry Administration, and after the introduction of the experiment, users can analyze the experimental structure. Zhu Leke, deputy director of the State Forestry Administration, announced that from now on, on the basis of the 11 emergency relief working groups previously dispatched, about 100 key personnel from the State Forestry Administration will be transferred to form 12 post disaster recovery and reconstruction working groups, The director of the Department led the team to the key disaster areas quickly. How to sort the query results needs to consider many factors in the provinces (districts and cities), go deep into the grass-roots level to carry out disaster assessment, investigation and research, scientifically guide and practically help the disaster areas in various regions to do a good job in post disaster recovery and reconstruction. The assignment of the working group is an important decision made by the Party group of the State Forestry Administration in accordance with Premier Wen Jiabao's important instructions on supporting policies for disaster stricken forest areas, the spirit of the national agricultural disaster resistance and reduction and spring ploughing production conference, and the national forestry disaster resistance and relief and Forestry production videoconference. The purpose is to actively help the disaster areas to do a good job in recovery and reconstruction, further master the first-hand situation, truthfully reflect the forestry disaster losses, and provide the Party Central Committee The State Council has provided sufficient and powerful basis for formulating recovery and reconstruction policies, and laid a solid foundation for comprehensively winning the victory of forestry disaster relief and post disaster reconstruction

Zhu Lieke requested that, first, we should supervise and inspect the implementation of the spirit of the two conferences and the one circular by all localities. Urge all localities to earnestly ensure that leaders, measures and work are in place according to the general idea of forestry post disaster recovery and reconstruction, and inspect the implementation of forestry recovery and reconstruction around eight links, six tasks and ten requirements. In particular, we should urge all localities to attach great importance to forest fire prevention, fully understand the severe situation of forest fire prevention this year, earnestly implement the administrative leadership system for forest fire prevention, strengthen fire monitoring, improve emergency response capacity, and ensure that no major forest fires and no major casualties occur; It is necessary to understand the progress of the implementation of the tasks, the difficulties encountered in the implementation, the reasons for not carrying out the relevant work, etc. one by one. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the research on the loss characteristics of the disaster, the follow-up impact, and the new problems and new trends in the reconstruction work, so as to prevent major mistakes in the post disaster reconstruction work; We should focus on collecting and summarizing successful experiences and practices in forestry disaster prevention, mitigation, recovery and reconstruction

second, we should further verify the loss of forestry disasters and guide disaster assessment. In combination with the local actual situation, improve the early evaluation scheme and operation rules, and formulate scientific and targeted implementation measures. Re analyze and re evaluate the damage caused by disasters, further understand the key areas of disaster losses, the extent of disaster losses, the structure of disaster losses, etc., and master first-hand information; It is necessary to supplement the underreporting and recent losses, correct the misstatements and restated losses, not only pay attention to the immediate and obvious disaster losses, but also fully estimate the potential and hidden losses

third, we should strengthen technical guidance and services to the disaster stricken areas. It is necessary to guide and assist all localities to strengthen technology and services in the countryside, take effective measures to divide forest species and tree species, formulate scientific disaster relief and reconstruction plans, so as to achieve the provincial plan, city plan and county plan, and each affected forest land and nursery has targeted scientific plans and measures. We should assist local forestry cadres, experts and technicians to go deep into the grass-roots level, key towns, and important places, go deep into the field plots, implement the system by areas and areas, and guide the farmers face to face and hand to hand in carrying out rehabilitation and reconstruction. The ophthalmic drug slow-release hydrogel materials based on cornea contact lens mainly include phe-ma hydrogel, siloxane hydrogel, molecularly imprinted polymer hydrogel and hydrogel containing ionic ligands to help and guide the grass-roots to establish a recovery and reconstruction science and technology demonstration base, vigorously carry out technical training, do a good job in on-site demonstration and post disaster technical services, and resume forestry production as soon as possible

fourth, we should strengthen the research on supporting policies for disaster relief, recovery and reconstruction. Face up to forestry's own conditions and try our best to formulate corresponding policies and measures; Based on sufficient facts and figures, objectively analyze the difficulties of forestry, put forward suggestions to the state and relevant departments, strive for policy support, and provide guarantee for Forestry Restoration and reconstruction

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