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The frontline of the national electric power to fight against the epidemic: strong organizational and combat power

the National Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has 44000 Party organizations and 680000 party members, which contains strong organizational and combat power. At the construction sites of Wuhan Huoshen mountain, Leishen mountain and "Xiaotangshan model" hospitals in Hubei Province, and at the power supply guarantee sites for important customers such as party and government organs, medical units and medical device manufacturers, the majority of Party members of the company never forget their original intentions, keep their mission in mind, act as and charge ahead, vividly showing that "a party member is a banner and a branch is a fortress"

72 hours, how to send electricity to thunderobot

On January 25, after receiving the power supply construction task of Leishen Mountain hospital, Wuhan Jiangxia District power supply company immediately established a construction team with the Party member service team as the main body, and organized the formulation of the power supply construction scheme overnight. The next morning, more than 300 construction workers gathered at the construction site of Leishen Mountain hospital because the wood plastic composite materials were processed from various waste plastics and wood

on January 27, the rainfall stopped briefly. Immediately adjust the construction scheme on site, temporarily assign 30 professional and technical backbones, install the metering devices of 26 box transformers in advance, and carry out voltage withstand test on 10 ring cabinets and all main ring cables, so as to complete the infrastructure construction of all box transformers

On January 28, the sky began to clear up. At the construction site, the bright red party flag fluttered in the wind. The sunshine that has not been seen for a long time sprinkles on the constructors, and everyone feels extra warm. The construction personnel carried the cable with a cross-sectional area of 400 square mm and a length of 2000 meters on their shoulders, shouted, moved forward step by step, and slowly placed it in the predetermined position. Cooperating with the personnel to work intensively at the same time, 33 indoor elbow connectors and 10 terminal connectors of 50mm2 cable have been completed. As night fell, one box transformer after another was erected...

on January 29, after marking the on-site power transmission equipment and labeling, Jiangxia District power supply company organized three parties to conduct a comprehensive review of equipment, quality and process requirements. With the command issued by the on-site commander in chief, several groups responsible for power transmission began to work simultaneously. The military food I power transmission and the military food II power transmission were successful... The work was carried out in an orderly manner. The project adopts the double loop four loop power supply mode. Once two circuits fail, the power can still be supplied normally. At 18:23, after repeatedly confirming that the conditions for power transmission were met, the "lifeline" connecting Leishen Mountain hospital was connected, and the first power transmission on site was successful

the supporting power supply project of Leishen Mountain hospital was originally 15 days long, but was completed in 3 days with the cooperation of more than 300 people, which bought time for the construction of the hospital

On January 24, Shanghai launched a primary response mechanism for major public health emergencies, implemented the strictest prevention and control measures, and set up isolated resettlement sites in all districts. Several hotels in Huangpu, Yangpu, Hongkou and Changning districts were designated as isolated observation points. In order to ensure the reliable power supply of each observation point, the Shanghai municipal power supply company organized the customer manager to check the information of each hotel, contacted the owner separately, and checked the customer's equipment, conventional load, additional power demand, electrician on duty, etc

at 18:00 on January 29, there was a gust of cold wind. Wang Kai, a member of the Party member service team of Shanghai urban power supply company, and jizhenyu, the marketing customer manager, came to a hotel on Lujiabang road to check the equipment operation. "The hotel has a total of 78 rooms. We will also provide honeycomb materials improved in weight and share a power distribution station with another customer. I visit the hotel every day to check the power consumption on site." Ji Zhenyu said

in addition to isolated observation points, 19 epidemic prevention and medical institutions are also the key power protection objects of urban power supply companies. Relevant hospitals are stepping up the expansion of isolated wards. In order to ensure reliable power supply, power supply personnel take the initiative to contact and understand the power load in the isolated wards, carry out special patrols of lines and equipment, and assist in checking and handling hidden dangers in the hospital's internal power supply facilities

since the outbreak of the epidemic, members of the Communist party service team of Shanghai Electric Power Industrial (Marketing) Co., Ltd. have called for war one after another, and launched an attack on the frontline. Party member areas have been established for 19 epidemic prevention and medical institutions and 5 isolated observation points to fight side by side with medical personnel to jointly block the epidemic. "The medical personnel who stick to the front line of medical and epidemic prevention are fighting intensively. We must ensure their safe and reliable use of electricity and win this resistance war!" Customer manager duqingguo said

race against time to help the production of urgently needed epidemic prevention products

on February 1, the first batch of mask filter materials produced by Xinliu water line of quantum Jinzhou (Tianjin) nonwovens Co., Ltd., which specializes in the production of mask filter materials, were sent to Wuhan, and a security defense line to block the epidemic was being accelerated

due to the impact of the epidemic, the demand for mask filter materials has surged. Quantum Jinzhou company urgently needs to add two production lines to ensure the epidemic prevention supply to the greatest extent. At 18:00 on January 30, Tianjin Wuqing power supply company immediately set up a wartime emergency working group for power epidemic prevention composed of 26 employees from 12 departments to take the lead in capacity increase construction after receiving the application for adding a distribution transformer from the enterprise

then, liujianli, the key account manager of Tianjin Wuqing power supply company, came to quantum Jinzhou. She also mentioned the rapid construction of the pre designed and prefabricated FRP Bridge Deck company, conducted on-site investigation, and sent the developed capacity increase scheme to the work group. "Operation inspection consent", "dispatching consent", "development consent"... The scheme was approved, and the project entered the construction stage

On the morning of January 31, 28 constructors entered the site for construction. "The epidemic prevention mask is a safe line of defense to block the epidemic situation. The production enterprise will produce it one second earlier if it sends electricity one second earlier." Hujianxin, general manager of Tianjin Wuqing power transmission and transformation company, said, "the project is urgent. In order not to delay the construction, we gathered the construction team overnight and set up a 'combat team' composed of Communist Party members."

16:46, "the construction of the capacity increase project has been completed, and all projects have passed the site acceptance without any problems. If the power transmission conditions are met, apply for power transmission." Fanxiaobo, the person in charge of on-site work, reports to the control center of Tianjin Wuqing company. With the switch closed, the newly erected transformer operated normally, and the new production line of quantum Jinzhou company began to operate

your image in the front line is the most beautiful image of a Communist Party member

members of the Communist party service team of State Grid Henan electric power (Zhengzhou) accelerate the construction of the power supply project for isolation wards of patients infected with novel coronavirus in Zhengzhou

on January 29, members of the Party member service team of Guodian Jiangsu electric power (Wuxi) came to an enterprise undertaking the production task of negative pressure ambulances to carry out a special patrol to ensure the reliable production of electricity

on the evening of January 29, Party members and employees of Lingang power supply center of Shandong Weihai power supply company laid temporary power cables for the social assistance center in Wangtuan Town, which is the backup area for epidemic isolation

on January 31, the staff of Zhejiang Jiande power supply company came to inspect the electric equipment of the mask manufacturer

january 2 provides convenience for people on January 9, Shanxi Jinzhong Power Supply Company delivered power to the new hospital area of Pingyao County People's hospital

on January 29, the Party member commandos of the operation and maintenance party branch of Jiangxi Jiujiang Lianxi district power supply company made a solemn oath to the party flag before setting out to maintain power for the Jiujiang epidemic isolated disease area

on January 30, members of the service team of Gansu Zhangye (Shandan) Communist Party members of the State Electricity Bureau came to Shandan County People's hospital to check their electrical equipment and ensure the reliable use of electricity in the hospital

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