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Wangyongqing, a leading intelligence entrepreneur, said: selling popsicles in winter and down jackets in summer. When all boys are boys, they must sell love manuals. It sounds absurd, but it makes sense to study it carefully. Why? Because our efforts today are not for the present, but for the day after tomorrow; If we want to define a word for foresight, then "looking at the present from the future" is undoubtedly the most appropriate. Leading intelligence has become the "leader" of the full-automatic series welding machine industry just because of its vision of looking at the world in the future

pioneering creation from scratch

before 2009, China's fully automatic series welding machine was completely dependent on imports. However, the high price of foreign equipment, long after-sales maintenance cycle, high cost, slow technical iteration and other factors seriously restricted the production speed of domestic component enterprises. In the face of the dilemma that the capacity demand and capacity can not keep up with each other, pioneer intelligence has started the road of "thinking of change in case of poverty" and started to develop series welding machines, hoping to break the monopoly of foreign photovoltaic equipment technology

2010, the first domestic series welding machine came out. Although its equipment performance can not be compared with that of foreign mature series welding machines, its price is only one third of that of foreign series welding machines. Domestic series welding machines have also realized the change from scratch. B. anti swing equipment: it is often used in pendulum impact experimental machines. Since the first domestic series welding machine came out, based on the real-time feedback of the component manufacturers on the use information of the series welding machine, the pilot intelligence has continuously carried out technical iteration from the aspects of reflective film, reflective welding tape, half piece, multi grid, etc; 1200 pieces/h-2000 pieces/h-3000 pieces/h-4000 pieces/h, which is the way of leading intelligence and the proof of the technological breakthrough of domestic series welding machine

at the 11th SNEC exhibition, zhuxiaoming, the sales director of pioneer intelligence, said to Polaris solar PV: "as a green power, photovoltaic power generation will certainly occupy an important position in the future, and the monopoly of foreign equipment and technology has indeed restricted the development of the domestic photovoltaic industry. Because pioneer intelligence is optimistic about the prospects of the domestic photovoltaic industry, it is determined to develop a fully automatic series welding machine."

based on the future service now

as the "leader" of the domestic automatic series welding machine industry, its technology leadership is beyond doubt. Pointing to the full-automatic series welding machine in front of him, zhuxiaoming said: "This time, SNEC's new ldst4000 high-speed series welding machine for battery chips has once again achieved a technological breakthrough in production capacity. Through the dual battery chip loading mechanism and the dual welding strip reclaiming mechanism, it can achieve a maximum production capacity of 4000 pieces/hour for half pieces and 3200 pieces/hour for the whole piece. The power of half pieces of components has increased significantly, but the cost of components has increased. Under the background of increasingly stringent cost requirements, it can improve the efficiency of components and reduce the cost of components according to the requirements of the leader plan The process with low component cost is the process route that customers increasingly prefer. The multi grid components should be transported and adjusted well. The distance between the upper and lower pressure plates is increased. Its power increase rate and positive silver reduction rate have been recognized by the industry. The ldth2000 multi grid series welding machine jointly developed by pioneer intelligence and Trinasolar has realized the high-speed mass production of 12bb multi grid battery chips for the first time in the industry, achieved the maximum mass production speed of 2000 chips/hour, and integrated bus bar welding, without additional configuration, perfectly replaced the original conventional component equipment, and achieved all technical breakthroughs from battery chip sorting to component packaging, This will certainly be the industry direction in the next one to two years. " The pursuit and updating speed of the series welding machine technology by the leading intelligence is far faster than that of other series welding machine manufacturers at home and abroad. Only innovation can make a breakthrough, and only continuous innovation can lead the development direction of the industry

in terms of after-sales service, leading intelligence pays more attention to the response speed and solution efficiency of problems. Zhuxiaoming said "The high-speed series welding machines above pioneer 2000 have about 50% of the market share, such as Atlas, Trina Solar, GCL, Longji, Jingao, Suntech, Hairun, etc. especially during this SNEC, pioneer intelligence has also reached a strategic cooperation relationship with Trina Solar. Pioneer intelligence will send professional resident technicians to solve the problems encountered in the production process in real time, and then take these large customers as the core to radiate to the surrounding small customers to form areas, Help customers solve problems as quickly as possible. "

leading intelligence in intelligent development is also at the forefront of the times. In the context of "Internet +", leading intelligence has further developed in the direction of intelligence and information integration. In 2013, it jointly developed the "leading cloud" big data center with IBM to prepare for the arrival of the intelligent era in which the equipment uses the structural characteristics of the machine. Zhuxiaoming said, "we have started to develop the remote control system of the full-automatic series welding machine, and conduct real-time data acquisition, so that the equipment can change from automation to intelligence. Whether it is the welding process parameters or the aesthetic feeling of the battery appearance, we must be intelligent about the details, and even self correct the parameters of the series welding machine." It is precisely because of the pursuit of future technology that leading intelligence can break the capacity limit again and again and become the largest professional serial welder manufacturer

technology is the first to layout overseas

the monopoly situation of foreign photovoltaic equipment in those years has long disappeared. Leading intelligence has not only defeated foreign competitors in terms of price, but also incomparable with foreign equipment in terms of equipment performance and technology progressiveness. The domestic automatic series welding machine has been completely ahead of the foreign series welding machine in technology

at the crossroads of the process route of the next generation series welding machine, whether it is half piece technology, MBB technology or other technologies, the leading intelligence is being studied, and the current technology still reaches the industry-leading level. Zhuxiaoming said that "half chip technology can significantly improve the power, but the cost also increases; MBB technology can not only improve the power, but also reduce the cost. We are optimistic about MBB technology, but as a leader, every new process is trying."

in the case of high domestic market share, leading intelligence has quickly opened up overseas markets with its excellent technology and high cost performance. According to zhuxiaoming, pioneer intelligence sold about 350 full-automatic series welding machines in 2016. In addition to the domestic market, its products are exported to Southeast Asia, India, the United States, Turkey, South Korea, etc. As the Indian market, which is very similar to China, price was once an important guide in its market. Zhuxiaoming said with a smile, "the leader will not increase its market share by reducing the price, because we are confident that the manager or operator can back up the products regularly (for example, one year) and then remove them when their production needs." It is reported that in the second half of the year, pioneer intelligence will realize the mass production of equipment with MBB technology as the process route, and further open the overseas market with this equipment

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