Analysis of the importance of oscillograph in the

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Analysis of the importance of oscillograph in industrial robots

now industrial robots are used most in automobile industry and electrical and electronic industry, and are constantly applied in other industries. You can see the figure of robots in Mengniu and Yili workshops, you can see the importance of robots in Huayao group, and there are automatic industrial robot sorting systems in Zhongtong express and JD mall

the rapid development of robots has had a great impact on manufacturing enterprises. First, robots can improve production efficiency and product quality. The robot does not stop and rest during the operation. The product quality is less affected by human factors, and the product quality is more stable. Second, it can reduce the cost of enterprises. In large-scale production, a robot can replace the following two operating problems: up to four industrial workers, according to the specific situation of the enterprise, aluminum applications in the automotive lightweight field continue to deepen, and China Zhongwang cooperates with customers in depth; The robot has no fatigue and can produce continuously 24 hours a day. Third, robots are easy to arrange production plans. Due to the high repeatability of the robot, as long as the parameters are given, it will always act according to the instructions, so the production plan is very clear. Fourth, robots can shorten the cycle of product upgrading and reduce the corresponding equipment investment. The biggest difference between robot and special machine is that it can adapt to the production of different workpieces by modifying the program. During product upgrading, it is only necessary to re design the corresponding tooling fixtures according to the updated products. The robot body does not need to make any changes. As long as the changes call the corresponding program commands, the product and equipment can be updated. Fifthly, robots can save workers from all kinds of harsh and dangerous environments and expand the business scope of enterprises. Sixth, robots represent the highest level of industrial automation, reflect the advanced processing and scientific research capabilities of enterprises, and raise the corporate image and competitiveness to a higher level

in order to upgrade the industry, enterprises have introduced ABB industrial robots. ABB Robot Automatic Packing and stacking workstations are plastic processing machinery and equipment. Enterprises have also increased research and innovation on renewable plastic processing technology. They have clearly stipulated the fire performance and supervision and management of external insulation materials used in new, expansion and reconstruction projects. An integrated system includes industrial robots, controllers, programmers Robot gripper, automatic discharger/stacker, tray conveying and positioning equipment, stacking mode software, etc. It is also equipped with automatic weighing, labeling, detection and communication systems, and is connected with the production control system to form a complete integrated packaging production line. As the front-line personnel who debug, maintain and control industrial robots, it is very necessary to maintain robots, but during the maintenance process, it is found that the requirements of robots for electricity are relatively high. Tektronix oscillograph is used for 220V, 380V, +24v -24V was measured

the test results are shown in the figure:

Table 1 the impact of voltage fluctuation on some equipment (taking 100% of the rated voltage as the standard)

the impact caused by voltage fluctuation of equipment name

when the voltage is lower than 85%, the chip is destroyed, the tester stops working, and the internal electronic circuit motherboard fails

programmable controller (PLC) when the voltage is lower than 80%, the PLC stops working. When the voltage is lower than 90%, some i/o devices will be cut off for several cycles

precision mechanical tools precision processing machinery controlled by robots. In order to ensure the quality and safety of products, the threshold value of working voltage is generally set at 90%. When the voltage is lower than this value and lasts for 2 ~ 3 cycles, it trips

ASD is cut off when the voltage is lower than 70% and the duration exceeds 6 cycles; For some motors in fine processing industry, when the voltage is lower than 90% and the duration is more than 3 cycles, the motor will be tripped and out of operation

AC contactor reports show that when the voltage is lower than 50% and the duration exceeds 1 cycle, the contactor will trip; There are also reports that when the voltage is lower than 70% or even higher, the contactor will trip

when the voltage of the computer is lower than 60% and lasts for 12 cycles, the calculation will be affected

when the voltage of DC motor is lower than 80%, the DC motor is tripped

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