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Glass was once a "luxury" in ancient times, and its price was higher than that of jewelry and gold. Yesterday, 211 pieces (groups) of ancient European glass art from the beginning of the 20th century made a wonderful appearance in Henan Museum. The exhibition is jointly sponsored by Henan Museum and the National Museum of Arts and crafts of the Czech Republic, which forms a plastic recycling system. The National Museum of Arts and crafts of Prague, Czech Republic, has a collection of more than 40000 glassware, which is known as the collection of European glass crafts. The glassware treasures on display this time selected the essence and masterpieces of major representative art schools in Europe from ancient times to modern times, and the exhibition lasted until June 14

once a luxury in history

glass, as one of the earliest invented man-made materials, was born in the two river basin; In ancient West Asia, Egypt and Europe, glassware has always been a luxury of the upper class, with prices higher than gold jewelry

this exhibition is the first large-scale exhibition in the Far East by the national arts and Crafts Museum in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, which connects the East and the west, has bred its own unique culture in the process of cultural integration and collision since the middle ages, and has gradually developed into a cultural and Art Center of central Europe. In 1885, the Czech Prague National Museum of Arts and crafts was founded, mainly to collect and display art crafts. The collection has more than 500000 pieces, including more than 40000 glassware, which is a collection of European glass crafts

cleaning methods: repair 211 pieces (groups) of glass treasures were selected in this exhibition, following the historical track of European glass technology, from birth to development and prosperity, and essence and masterpieces of major representative art genres from ancient to modern times were selected

it is understood that because Europeans regard glass technology as a commercial technology and secret, they never spread it out and maintain their monopoly commercial rights, in the history of transactions between Asia and Europe, that is, China's porcelain industry is stronger than Europe's glass industry. However, in history, the glass products used by Chinese people have been the "top luxury goods" at that time

catch up with fashion "Chinese elements"

this tour to China is a grand event of cultural exchange between China and the Czech Republic. Through the exquisite exhibits, the audience can enjoy an artistic miracle that has been inherited for nearly 2000 years

in the exhibition hall of the West Annex Building of Henan Museum, the colored parquet window glass that was popular in the middle ages, the beer mug with bright colors and painted with the Holy Roman emperor in the Renaissance, the colourless glass milk bottle symbolizing "love and innocence" in the Baroque period, and various vases integrating practicality and fashion in the modernist period Exquisite exhibits tell the history of glass from its birth to its development, and the conventional nondestructive testing methods include: the historical track towards prosperity

it is worth mentioning that glassware with Chinese elements is particularly eye-catching: a beautiful Chinese style glass panel painting with far eastern houses, flying cranes, low rockery and Chinese people in front of the picture There are also two Chinese style seasoning bottles. The patterns engraved on the surface were very popular Chinese elements at that time, plus the equally popular belang style stripe decoration and Arabic vine pattern. In addition, there is a "Chinese style dessert plate" made of red Alice glass, which is exquisitely carved and painted with gold It is reported that in the 17th century, Europeans highly praised Chinese porcelain as a symbol of fashion

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