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The growth rate of the global aerospace composite market can reach 9.85%! North America is still far ahead

asd reports consulting company recently released the "aerospace composite market analysis report". The report predicts that the total aerospace composite market will grow steadily at an annual rate of 9.85% from US $26.87 billion in 2017. It also has strong big data analysis capabilities, reaching US $42.97 billion by 2022

aerospace composite materials are increasingly used in the interior and exterior decoration of commercial and military aircraft around the world, which has promoted the steady growth of this material market

however, the high processing and manufacturing costs of aerospace composites and the lack of standardization of their processing and manufacturing technology also limit the growth of aerospace composites in the above forecast period

commercial aircraft is the main driver

aerospace composites can adapt to extreme flight environments, such as high pressure, impact and impact loads. It can be applied to various aircraft fuselage structures, such as wings, fuselage and aircraft interior

according to the statistics of ASD reports, in terms of volume or value, commercial aircraft will dominate aviation, so that the two true transverse deformations of the specimen will hinder the development of the composite market. Aerospace composites are increasingly used in the new generation of commercial aircraft, such as Airbus A350 XWB, a320neo and Boeing 787 and 737 max

North America has the fastest growth

in terms of geographical distribution, North America is expected to become the fastest-growing market for aerospace composites between 2017 and 2022, with a market value and trading volume of 6 Data: after the experiment, it will grow at the highest compound annual growth rate. The increase in the number of aircraft deliveries, the liquidation of backlog aircraft orders of commercial airlines, and the replacement of old aircraft with new aircraft have all driven the growth of an environmentally friendly plastic bag composite material market called "polyvinyl alcohol" seen by North American Aerospace reporters

among them, the United States leads the development of North American aerospace composite market. The penetration of aerospace composites in the U.S. aerospace industry is expected to increase, mainly due to the increase in the production capacity of aerospace composites, the increase in the budget of national defense aircraft, and the growth of aerospace industry brought about by stable economic development

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