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The global anti-corrosion coating market is growing steadily

the global anti-corrosion coating market is growing steadily

October 14, 2016

[China coating information]

Research Institute PRM recently released a research report on the global anti-corrosion coating market. In addition to the anti-corrosion performance of the substrate, the anti-corrosion coating also has excellent chemical resistance, wear resistance, light retention, lightweight and other characteristics. Its main applications include construction engineering, automobile manufacturing, industrial machinery, electronics and electrical appliances, etc. Among them, construction engineering is the largest application field of anti-corrosion coatings, and this trend will continue in the next few years

research points out that developing countries Emerging economies continued to invest in infrastructure construction "Polyurethane adhesives are mainly used for windscreens, lamps, filter elements, interior ceilings, etc. in automobiles, while the demand for steel, as an important material for infrastructure construction, is also increasing, which promotes the growth of the demand for anti-corrosion coatings. In addition, the rapid development of automobile manufacturing industry also injects a strong impetus into the development of anti-corrosion coatings. As we all know, many components in anti-corrosion coatings have a negative impact on the environment and human health For this reason, government agencies have also adopted a series of regulations and policies, which to some extent inhibited the development speed of anti-corrosion coatings. Therefore, increasing the research and development of environmental friendly anti-corrosion coatings will bring new business opportunities to the anti-corrosion coating market

data show that the Asia Pacific region is the largest market for corrosion-resistant coatings in the world, and this trend will continue until 2020 when it reaches less than 0.08%. China and India are the two countries with the fastest economic development in the world, and China is also the largest producer and consumer of anti-corrosion coatings. Based on a variety of factors, the analysis points out that the Asia Pacific region will be the fastest-growing market for anti-corrosion coatings in the world

North America is the second largest market for anti-corrosion coatings in the world, and Europe ranks third. Due to the saturation of the market and the strengthening of environmental protection regulations, the development of the anti-corrosion coating market in North America and Europe is generally flat and weak. It is worth noting that the recovery of the European automotive industry is expected to inject vitality into the anti-corrosion coating market in the region. In addition, the rapid economic growth in South America and Africa is also a favorable factor for the development of the anti-corrosion coating market

the research points out that the competition among the major anti-corrosion coating companies in the world is fierce. By constantly strengthening the R & D efforts and innovative technologies of Jiangsu Jinfa technology due to the strong professionalism of products and customers, they can meet the strict requirements of users, so as to promote the healthy development of the anti-corrosion coating market. Moreover, the successive implementation of relevant environmental protection policies has further promoted the active development of research and development in this field. It is expected that in the next few years, the fierce competition in the anti-corrosion coating market will continue

the global anti-corrosion coating manufacturers mainly include: AkzoNobel NV, Nippon Paint Co. Ltd., diamond V DuPont: the world's first DuPont Tyvek 40L medical packaging material ogel paints, rpm International, sono Tek Corporation, PPG Industries Inc., Sherwin Williams company, the Dow Chemical Company, Royal DSM N.V., etc

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