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Analysis of the impact of cleaner production on the development of China's paper enterprises

in recent years, China has actively explored a cleaner production development model that adapts to China's national conditions on the basis of continuously increasing the research, development and utilization of cleaner production energy, injecting new vitality into economic and social development. The 12th Five Year Plan for cleaner production puts the protection of the ecological environment of paper-making enterprises within the scope of more stringent governance. With the progress of technology, whether the production of paper-making enterprises can change the enterprise problem of high energy consumption, high pollution and resource-based products, the key is that the enterprise management and decision-making level should be aware of the importance and necessity of protecting the ecological environment for enterprise development and human health, establish the concept of enterprise cleaner production services, explore the new idea of turning waste into treasure, and make contributions to the construction of an ecologically civilized and beautiful China. At this stage, China's industrialization and urbanization are in the stage of accelerated development, and the demand for various resources will still maintain a relatively vigorous growth trend. Facing the contradiction between economic development, energy consumption and environmental protection, vigorously promoting cleaner production, actively developing and utilizing clean energy, and advocating circular economy and low-carbon economy have become the inevitable choice for enterprises to achieve coordinated and sustainable development of economy, society and nature. Enterprises should take the implementation of cleaner production as an important means to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and industrial structure adjustment. Through the implementation of cleaner production, we can save resources and energy from the source, reduce pollution emissions, and promote and guide the industry to develop in the direction of low pollution, low consumption and high added value. Enterprises should promote cleaner production, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, optimize industrial structure, and realize the transformation of economic development mode

with regard to the increasingly stringent national cleaner production standards for enterprises, if some small and medium-sized enterprises want to not be eliminated, they must actively carry out independent innovation and scientific and technological innovation to minimize pollution and environmental impact. Some small and medium-sized enterprises cannot meet the cleaner production and environmental protection standards required by the state in the short term because of insufficient funds and backward technology and equipment. They need to work hard on production and management concepts, research and development of new products, and use open source and cost saving methods to meet the best environmental protection requirements. Paper enterprises with a certain scale should constantly explore and innovate in management mode and waste recycling, and pursue a new path of sustainable and clean production, so as to improve the level of ecological and environmental protection of enterprises

innovating the concept of cleaner production service is the only way for China's paper enterprises to improve production and protect the ecological environment. Advocating cleaner production in paper-making enterprises has the advantages of large resource potential, low pollution and recyclable utilization, which can effectively alleviate the contradiction between energy reserves and demand and effectively solve the problem of environmental pollution. Worldwide, it has become an irreversible trend to develop clean energy, promote cleaner production, and encourage more paper-making enterprises to promote development with cleaner production

Cleaner production is the inevitable choice for the sustainable development of paper enterprises. Through technological innovation and industrial upgrading, we should actively develop and utilize clean energy such as hydropower, electric energy, wind energy, solar energy and biomass energy to open up a new path of clean development. However, cleaner production not only has the characteristics of capital intensive, technology intensive and knowledge intensive, but also puts forward higher requirements for the paper industry. I. The use of hydrophobic raw materials requires higher technological innovation. Cleaner production requires diversified production management modes and high-tech equipment. Second, the complexity of higher standards for environmental protection, cleaner production, cleaner and efficient production and providing higher value to consumers requires the development of large industry thinking and multi industry chains. Third, the market system of the paper industry has higher requirements, which requires further integration of the industry market, the establishment of a multi-level industrial chain system, the expansion of the development of diversified industries in the paper industry, and the increase of enterprise profits. Fourth, there are higher requirements for investment channels. Clean energy projects often have large capital investment, long construction cycle and high starting point of capital scale, which require government support and joint efforts of various paper enterprises. Therefore, paper enterprises must adopt high-tech transformation to improve traditional industries, rely on technological progress and management innovation, and improve the cleaner production technology level and core competitiveness of enterprises

at present, the two cleaner production projects of Shandong Huatai Group take pulping and papermaking wastewater as raw material, and use anaerobic bacteria technology to convert the organic matter in the wastewater into biogas. After desulfurization, decarbonization and purification, it is made into natural gas that meets the requirements of national standards, which can be used as clean energy in the production line; Adopt dip key technologies and solid waste resource utilization projects to reduce chemical oxygen demand, optimize dip key technologies such as waste paper preparation, deinking technology and sludge dehydration, and make resource utilization of combustible solid-liquid and incinerator ash. It can reduce 110000 tons of waste per year and save nearly 13000 tons of standard coal per year, becoming a demonstration enterprise to turn waste into treasure and cleaner production. Through technological transformation, sun paper built a xylitol production line at the end of last year. The xylose and xylitol developed by sun paper are the first in the world to adopt the technology of continuous acid free hydrolysis of wood chips and continuous and efficient extraction of xylose from water-soluble solution of wood chips, realizing the development of biomass refining technology into a star enterprise for the first time. Asia Pacific Senbo pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. uses natural gas to save energy and reduce emissions. The combustion efficiency of natural gas is close to 100%, while the combustion efficiency of heavy oil is 95%. The fuel unit of alkali recovery lime kiln fueled by heavy oil is transformed into a fuel unit fueled by natural gas, which effectively reduces the venting loss of natural gas during pipeline cleaning operations, improves the pipeline transmission efficiency, and more effectively protects the ecological environment with the goal of mastering key core technologies

with the advance of cleaner production development strategy, China's paper-making enterprises have broad prospects for the development of clean production and green paper-making, which also provides new development opportunities for paper-making enterprises. Therefore, song Lilu told reporters that paper-making enterprises should not only become the promoter of the concept of cleaner production, but also become the practitioner of green paper-making. This is not only the society that China's paper enterprises should do in the new era, but also the strategic choice to adapt to the trend of economic development

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