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Qixian glassware national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base successfully passed the harvest and licensing

on October 25, the national light industry foreign trade base development conference was held in Foshan, Guangdong Province. The Ministry of Commerce announced the list of national foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases, and our county's national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base (glassware) successfully passed the harvest and licensing. This will play an important role in promoting Qi county to continue to expand and strengthen the glassware industry, promote the upgrading of the glassware industry, form a new pattern of multi-level and all-round opening to the outside world, improve the development level of our county's export-oriented economy, and build a new pattern of opening to the outside world

Qi county glassware national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base successfully passed the inspection and received the license.

glassware is the unique advantageous industry of Qi County, and it is also the leading pillar industry of the county economy. Qi county is the largest artificial blown glassware production and export base and hand-painted processing production base in China. At present, there are 43 glassware production enterprises with more than 20000 employees in the county, with an annual output of more than 200000 tons of all kinds of glassware, accounting for about 45% of the total amount of manually blown glassware in the country, of which the manually blown goblet accounts for about 80% of the total amount of the country. It has become a glassware industry cluster with a leading position in China and a certain influence in the international market, and the export of glassware accounts for more than 65% of the total export of the county. The county Party committee and government have adopted a series of policies and measures to support the excellent and the strong, and strengthened the policy support for the glassware industry, so as to provide a strong guarantee for glassware enterprises to expand the international market, expand and strengthen foreign trade business, prevent international trade risks to ensure the uniformity of environmental parameters around the tested products, and actively organize enterprises to participate in domestic and foreign professional exhibitions, so as to launch the brand of "Qi county glassware". Next, guided by the transformation of the base, our county will be committed to the optimization of the base environment, platform building, policy guidance and brand effect improvement, so as to promote the glassware industry to further give play to its comparative advantages

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