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Glaston group will expand its Tianjin factory production base. Glaston group has set up factories in China since 2001, and the existing Tianjin Wuqing production base was officially completed and put into operation in 2007. Glaston has always attached great importance to the Chinese and even Asian markets, and its performance and market share in this region are increasing. In 2013, the total sales volume of Asia accounted for more than 22% of the total group sales. In the past few years, Glaston group has continued to increase its strategic investment in China. Now we are ready to go to a higher level and officially announce the expansion of Glaston (Boshi) Tianjin plant

"The Asian market is a popular growth point. Glaston, as a market leader, hopes to be fully prepared for the growth of this market, especially for the demand of the high-end architectural glass market with strict requirements for optical quality, and the processing and application of high-quality double silver and triple silver Low-E glass will become the top priority of future work. In fact, at present, top Chinese glass deep-processing enterprises have recognized Glaston's technology With leading advantages, we will form strategic cooperation with Glaston to explore the future. " Arto Mets, President and CEO of Glaston group? Mr. Nen commented

Glaston Tianjin plant covers a total area of 40000 square meters. The plant area will be expanded to 9000 square meters on the basis of the existing 11700 square meters. The expansion project has been approved to start and will be completed in September 2015. By then, the production, installation, design and testing capacity of pretreatment and safety glass processing equipment from 23105 vo60 to more than 200 5 vo60 in Tianjin plant will be doubled. In 2010, Glaston established a Chinese R & D team in Tianjin and a Chinese R & D center in 2011

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Glaston group

Glaston group is an international glass technology enterprise, It is committed to developing and producing advanced deep-processing equipment for the construction, solar energy, home appliances and automotive glass industries. Our product range includes pretreatment equipment, safety glass machinery, software solutions and services. We make every effort for the continuous success of our customers, and can provide you with a plan to meet all the needs of glass deep processing, as well as a commitment to serve wholeheartedly from beginning to end. For details, please visit Glaston. Glaston is a listed enterprise on the NASDAQ SME board in Finland

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