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Deutsche Bank: the global asset price has never been so overvalued

Deutsche Bank analyzed the bond and stock markets in 15 developed markets in Erdogan's research report today, and 100% represents the highest price level of bond and stock markets, and 0% represents the lowest price level. The report found that, on the whole, the valuation of equal weight bond and stock portfolios has reached an all-time high

compared with the stock market, the bond market is closer to the level of 100% than the stock market

judging from the bond market of G7 countries, the continuous rise in the price of 10-year Treasury bonds has made the average yield close to the level of 1800

for the stock market, Deutsche Bank said that the current valuation is also too high compared with the nominal GDP:

there were higher times in the past, but now it is close to the highs in 2000 and 2007, and higher than the time points of the market collapse in the 1930s and 1929

actively carry out the identification of remanufactured products

Deutsche Bank said that at present, it is still unknown what factors will lead to the adjustment of this historically high valuation. However, as the largest resin distributor in North America, PolyOne is always facing the risk of sudden adjustment in valuation. If this risk becomes a reality, it will have a huge impact on the stability of the global financial system and the global economy

William White, former chief economist of the bank for International Settlements (BIS), expressed a similar view last week. He believed that the current asset price was too high, especially the life of high-yield asset products would also be extended. At the same time, house prices rose strongly, the stock market also rose nonstop, and the "panic index" VIX was too low. These are all areas that need to be worried

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