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Based on development, diligent in exploration and brave in reform -- the road of reform and development of Hongrun company in recent years

Hongrun Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. For more than ten years, under the leadership of the superior party committee and the enthusiastic support of the local government, through the efforts of all employees of the company, certain achievements have been made, and the product popularity, reputation, market share and company scale have been greatly improved and expanded. Although the company has made great progress, there are also many difficulties and problems, which have become obstacles and obstacles to the development of the company. Whether we can make changes against the trend, overcome difficulties in progress, and gradually carry out breakthrough reforms on existing problems, so as to lay a solid foundation for the future development of Hongrun and test every Hongrun person. Focusing on the future survival and development of the company, the leadership of the company has seriously reflected on the problems gradually exposed in the process of entrepreneurship for more than a decade, analyzed and found out the causes and root causes, unified their thinking, and made it clear that in order to make the company occupy a place in the fierce market competition, it must keep pace with the times and constantly change. There are four main problems: first, the market operates well, while the technical force is weak; Second, the staff is stable and the overall quality is low; Third, it has high popularity without corresponding reputation; Fourth, the market operation ability is strong, while the sales ability is weak. After finding out the problems and the causes of the problems, we learn from the good practices and experiences of our peers, and contact the actual situation of the company to clarify the reform objectives and directions, and explore and formulate practical measures. The company has carried out exploration and Reform in the following four aspects:

first, pay attention to scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property protection

a few years ago, our company focused on giving full play to its advantages, expanding Xinjiang and opening up markets, while ignoring the R & D and innovation of independent products. It is precisely this weakness that has been exploited by individual companies, causing losses to the company and directly affecting the development of the company, and the company's performance has been stagnant for a time. This matter shocked the company from top to bottom, and was unforgettable to the top of the company. The painful lesson has taught us that we are determined to increase innovation investment, introduce first-class scientific research talents, expand R & D strength, establish our own R & D team, overcome difficulties and remain committed. After years of hard work, it finally paid off. After 2009, HR new series instruments with beautiful and advanced design, smart and novel structure, greatly enhanced anti-interference ability and stability of the whole machine, more applicable software functions and reduced costs have been introduced, which are welcomed by customers. Our newly developed digital display meter, isolator, safety barrier, 96x96, 160x80 LCD paperless recorder have reached the international advanced level. The process calibrator has been close to the level of Yokogawa in Japan. At the end of the year, a new series of 144x144 color paperless recorders and new electrical instruments will be launched. The company also attaches great importance to strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights. The company now has 400 patents and 40 copyrights. With the increasing popularity of "Hongrun" brand, counterfeit "Hongrun" products have appeared in the market, and cracking down on counterfeits and safeguarding rights has become another arduous task for the company. Due to the enhancement of independent innovation ability, the company has also made gratifying achievements in qualification. NHR series digital display instruments, isolators and safety barriers have obtained EU CE certification, laying a solid foundation for our products to enter the EU market. In 2010, our company was identified by the State Intellectual Property Office as "the dent depth measured by the punch displacement of the national intellectual property pilot unit is the experimental result", and was certified as a national high-tech enterprise by the state organs and departments, and was identified as an innovative pilot enterprise in Fujian Province by the Provincial Department of science and technology, the provincial economic and Trade Commission, the provincial SASAC, and the Provincial Federation of trade unions. It has received more than 7 million yuan of various development funds from the central and provincial governments to support small and medium-sized enterprises. Hongrun trademark of the company is a famous trademark in Fujian Province. Second, establish enterprise culture and talent team construction

corporate culture is the soul of enterprise development and plays a role in condensing people's hearts and wisdom. The leaders of the company are aware of the great role of corporate culture in the development of the enterprise. For this reason, we have been persisting in the exploration and practice of building Hongrun enterprise culture for many years. After several years of modeling, Hongrun culture was initially established. It can be summarized as "one spirit, four ideas". One Spirit: "Hongrun is not afraid of the difficulty of expedition". Four ideas: management idea - condense to produce power; Quality concept - quality is Hongrun's life; Service concept - customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit; Scientific and technological concept - innovation casts vitality. The word "Hongrun" (rain and rainbow, moistening things silently) explains the law and pursuit of the development of Hongrun company

the construction of corporate culture is imperceptibly carried out. The establishment of corporate culture should be discussed in combination with the specific work of each employee, and it should be clear why such an idea should be established and how everyone should change their ideas to make their work, words and deeds conform to the requirements of enterprise development and value orientation. We should start with specific steps and take every step well. In recent years, the company has carried out speeches on corporate culture every year, organized discussions on the implementation of the above spirit and concepts, and implemented them into the positions and words of the company's employees. These soft faults can basically be avoided or solved by themselves. The company is not only an advocate of corporate culture, but also a practitioner of corporate culture. In the past few years of building the corporate culture, the company has made employees feel care for them all the time, continuously improved their wages and welfare benefits, and handled various insurances. It has created a good working and living environment for employees. Such as science and technology parks with beautiful environment, staff homes, staff apartments, basketball courts, badminton courts, and Houshan park. Buy spacious office buildings for Beijing and Shanghai companies. Organize employees to travel every year, hold cultural and sports activities, rationalization suggestions, speech competitions and other activities. We will also provide subsidies to employees in need and those affected by disasters, offer condolences for weddings and funerals, and subsidize employees to get married and buy a house. Let employees fully feel the warmth of home. Nowadays, Hongrun culture is influencing every employee imperceptibly

the reform of the employment mechanism is the focus and difficulty of the company's reform, which has plagued the company for many years. For this difficulty, the leadership of the company does not shy away from it, is not afraid of difficulties, dares to face it, dares to encounter difficulties, and dares to change. After a period of study and exploration, the leaders of the company believe that private enterprises should also keep pace with the times in the reform of the employment mechanism. After exploration in recent years, we have established an enterprise employment mechanism of "discovering capable people, cultivating new people, rewarding meritorious officials, and eliminating mediocre people". The company allocated Option Shares to the backbone who made contributions to ensure their interests and stimulate their enthusiasm. And organize various activities beneficial to physical and mental health to enhance the sense of belonging. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, it was always believed that too frequent talent flow would harm the enterprise, so it paid more attention to the stability of the talent team. Therefore, a few people did not want to make progress and did not work hard. Some people even get the highest salary and work the shortest time. After thinking about the reality of the company, it is believed that the non flow of talents is also harmful to the enterprise. Without the flow of talents, new talents can not be introduced and new people can not be trained. It turns out that without the flow of some ignorant and unskilled people, talents can not be introduced and new employees can not be trained. We should fully reflect that knowledge creates wealth, wisdom creates wealth, and diligence creates wealth. After many careful studies, we have formulated provisions on disciplinary and economic punishment for mediocre and lazy people. Cadres should be able to move up and down, positions should be high-energy and low, wages should be more or less, and company executives are no exception. Even the elders of the company can't lie on the past merit book and enjoy happiness, don't want to make progress and do nothing. If you don't make achievements, you can't develop, you don't have the ability to be the one, or your work is mediocre, you don't have your own work ideas and methods, you don't have the spirit of innovation, and you can't be competent for your position, then you can only be laid off. While other employees will think, have methods, can explore, and be enterprising. Their conduct, ability, and performance are better than yours, and their ability is higher than yours, so you can only let the talented and the able go. On the issue of allocating options, we pay attention to everyone's performance. "It's a cow or a horse that pulls it out." it used to be a "chorus", but now it requires "solo". For mediocre people, we adopt stage recursion; First, continuously carry out publicity and education to give opportunities for improvement; Second, downshift; Third, unrepentant, make room for a seat. So as to cultivate a group of young and energetic talents and introduce talents, including top students from some famous universities. Enterprises create a platform for front-line employees to grow, learn and promote. Nowadays, an atmosphere in which everyone is upward and everyone competes for the first is gradually taking shape. Hongrun's R & D team, management team, market development team and new generation preparation team are active in all departments and positions of Hongrun

third, improve the level of production equipment and production management

through several years of development, the market demand for our company's products is increasing, and the contradiction that the production equipment does not adapt is also highlighted. Aware of the important role of advanced production equipment in the development of enterprises, we immediately invested more than 2 million yuan to buy two sets of chip mounters imported from Japan, one set of wave soldering machine, two sets of full pulse anti-interference equipment, and introduced a number of high-precision testing equipment. While updating the equipment, we have adjusted the production management and quality management personnel, transferred the management personnel who are not suitable for the position decisively, introduced talents, trained and promoted a number of grass-roots backbone, and let the comrades who are enterprising, ambitious, serious and responsible take the post. Since the adjustment, the effect has been very good, the product quality has improved, and the product repair rate has decreased by one percentage point. When purchasing components, the procurement department calculated carefully, compared the goods with three suppliers, and paid attention to both quality and unit price. On the premise of ensuring the quality of original components, the procurement unit price was significantly reduced, which saved considerable production costs for the company. Of course, the perfection of everything needs a process, and it is not the degree of perfection that can be achieved after adjustment and strengthening. The evaluation of product quality management and component procurement should be realistic, objective and fair, and should not be scolded. According to the conditions of our company and the cost performance of components, to have the current product quality, it should be said that the relevant personnel have made great efforts, and they have paid hard work. In this way, it is not to keep people quiet. To say that, we should hold an attitude of being kind to others and sincerely point out that we should not exaggerate, let alone words and deeds that harm others, affect unity and affect development. The company also strengthened after-sales service and improved the quality of after-sales service. The increase of product output, the improvement of quality, the reduction of production cost and the strengthening of after-sales service all provide a strong guarantee for market development. In 2010, the company successfully passed the re evaluation of ISO9001 international quality management system certification, and its products passed the EU CE certification. The "Hongrun" trademark was recognized as a famous trademark in Fujian Province, and the "Hongrun" brand was awarded the "Fujian enterprise famous brand" by the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce

fourth, improve market operation ability and market sales ability

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