Baosteel launched the third generation of high-str

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Baosteel launched the third generation of high-strength steel plate

Baosteel Group, which accounts for half of the market in the field of automotive steel plate on the basis of the country's abolition of four complete steel bars, announced yesterday that its third generation of automotive steel was launched. In fact, as early as 2010, Baosteel has begun to try to significantly improve the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials and mass produce third-generation automotive steel. Since the beginning of this year, Baosteel has begun to promote its third-generation automotive steel to automotive customers. This material has broad space in both military and civil fields

Baosteel Group held the launch ceremony of the third generation of automotive steel at the same time when it released the 2012 social report yesterday. "Today's launch of Baosteel's third-generation automotive steel is a powerful annotation of the 'Baosteel dream'." He Wenbo, general manager of Baosteel Group, said. He Wenbo, together with Mr. Wang Li, the chief researcher of Baosteel Central Research Institute, and xiewenciai, the head of the Technology Department of FAW Automobile Co., Ltd., are going through the preliminary procedures to touch the first launch of Baosteel's third-generation automobile panel

during the two sessions this year, he Wenbo disclosed the situation of Baosteel's third-generation automotive steel. It is reported that in the next five years, if cars use such steel, it is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 17million tons in the service life

it is reported that Baosteel is the only enterprise in China that can mass produce the third generation of automotive steel. At present, the company has achieved mass supply of FAW cars. In addition, Sinosteel research group, in cooperation with TISCO group, has also successfully developed the third generation of hot-rolled and cold-rolled auto steel coils in 2009, and plans to achieve commercial production by 2014. The usibor steel plate to be produced in the future of the automobile plate project jointly invested by Valin steel and ArcelorMittal also belongs to the third generation of automobile steel. The project is planned to be fully completed and put into operation in June 2014

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