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Baotou rare earth high tech Zone has made extraordinary moves for high-quality development

in this month, 96 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size achieved a main business income of 18.888 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6%, and the total profit of profitable enterprises was 1.146 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.8%; Overseas students led and founded 366 enterprises, including 164 incubated enterprises...

since this year, as the only national high-tech zone named after rare earth in China, Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone has achieved remarkable results in various fields such as economy, society and people's livelihood. Behind a series of achievements, Baotou rare earth high tech Zone has taken the initiative to establish a good business environment through persistent comprehensive innovation and reform, with "grasping the style" as the guarantee, the expectations and demands of market players as the guidance, and the "excellent environment" as the goal

unify ideas, enhance endogenous motivation, change style, "zero distance" service

thought is the guide of action, and theory is the guide of practice

in order to further gather consensus and promote the normalization of style construction, Baotou rare earth high tech Zone has established a "style construction year" activity discussion group to determine the learning theme and set up special topics for online discussion, exchange of experience and suggestions. This convenient learning and exchange platform has effectively alleviated the contradiction between work and study, and the learning effect is obvious. So far, 290 leading cadres at or above the deputy section level from 51 departments in the park have made more than 1000 comments on how to strengthen their own work, in order to promote the upgrading of three leading industries such as rare earth, aluminum copper and equipment manufacturing, speed up the construction of a National Rare Earth High-tech material base and China's "magnetic inspection digital circuit voltage is + 5V Valley" The construction of a high-quality development demonstration area in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has injected a strong ideological impetus

service "zero distance", work "heart to heart", without the participation of the masses and market players, style construction has become a passive water, no end. Based on this, Baotou rare earth high tech Zone has carried out in-depth "project visits and enterprise services" activities, established a "leading group for the promotion of key projects", and regularly visited and followed up key industrial projects. Since there were problems in the past projects, the owners could not find the handling department, which affected the project construction, It has changed into the current "three initiatives" new situation of "projects are actively asked, approval links are actively guided, and difficulties are actively helped". Baotou rare earth high tech Zone Economic and Information Commission, park construction administration bureau, rare earth and high tech Industry Bureau, enterprise service administration bureau, science and technology entrepreneurship service center and other relevant service enterprise departments actively entered the project site to coordinate and solve various problems for enterprises. Among them, the enterprise service administration comprehensively and thoroughly visited the sites of 80 key industrial projects for 3 times to help solve 4 problems, such as the later power capacity increase of Tianshi rare earth and the access of Jiangxin electronic network

financial innovation stimulates market vitality. The combination of deregulation and reform and multi curve regulation mode

finance is the "lifeblood" of the economy and the "lifeblood" of the business environment. In recent years, Baotou rare earth high tech Zone has explored a model of financial assistance to build a good business environment and stimulate market vitality, guided by solving the "difficult and expensive financing" of enterprises or entrepreneurs

Baotou rare earth high tech Zone innovates and implements the "small and medium-sized enterprise entrepreneurship and innovation service coupon" to subsidize small and medium-sized enterprises that purchase the services of platform contracting institutions. The subsidy standard is that each small and medium-sized enterprise can independently declare three different service items (products), and the service coupon applied for is subsidized according to 40% of the contract amount. The cumulative upper limit of each small and medium-sized enterprise subsidy is 10000 yuan, reducing the cost of small and medium-sized enterprises, Improve the development quality of small, medium and micro enterprises

insist on listing as an important way to solve the bottleneck, establish echelons, focus on cultivation, and speed up the pace of listing (listing). Up to now, Jinming computer and Yinghua Rongtai, the incubating enterprises in the park, have successfully listed on the "new third board". Four incubating enterprises have been listed on the "new third board", accounting for 25% of Baotou City, and 10 enterprises have landed on the fourth board market

around the relevant requirements of the "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Park", Baitou rare earth high tech Zone has successively issued a series of policies, such as "Several Provisions on strengthening intellectual property protection, different materials need different fixture protection", and "20 articles on promoting scientific and technological innovation". Actively implement the supervision mechanism of "double random and one open", improve and perfect the "one order, two warehouses and one detailed rules", formulate a random inspection plan, and randomly select the inspected enterprises and law enforcement personnel by computer lottery, so as to avoid repeated law enforcement and increase the burden on enterprises

Baotou rare earth high tech Zone supports and rewards enterprises to carry out the demand, application and protection of intellectual property creation and profit maximization, which greatly improves the enthusiasm of enterprises. By the end of 2017, enterprises in the park had received 2723 patent authorizations, accounting for 31.2% of Baotou city. Among them, there are 660 invention patents, accounting for 50.2% of Baotou City; There are 1936 utility model patents, 127 design patents, 7 international patents, and 331 computer software copyrights. The number of applications and authorizations are in the forefront of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Baotou city

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