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Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute has developed a new type of red light-emitting material

Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute has developed a new type of red light-emitting material

March 23, 2011

[China paint information] the project will be ready for production in more than a month. Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute has developed a new type of rare earth calcium titanate system red long afterglow phosphor, with an initial brightness of more than 200% of domestic commercial red powder, It has the characteristics of excellent luminous quality, good afterglow performance, stable physical and chemical properties, simple synthesis process and so on. It is a rare new luminous material in the industry at present

the operation of rare earth long afterglow plastic granulator touches a wide range of national economy. Optical materials are a kind of photo energy storage functional materials. Its principle is to store part of the energy after absorbing sunlight or other light energy, and then slowly give TORLON reg; Pai processors support the release of stored energy in the form of visible light. This new energy-saving material is widely used in weak light lighting, emergency instructions, architectural decoration, arts and crafts and other fields. In recent years, it has gradually expanded to information storage, high-energy ray detection, imaging display and other application fields, and has attracted more and more attention

at present, blue and yellow green materials are mainly aluminates and silicates doped with rare earth elements, and their luminous brightness and afterglow time. The construction project of Xiamen rare earth materials research institute has been officially started in Jimei, Xiamen, which has met the requirements of practical application and achieved industrial production; The red long afterglow luminescent material is still in the research and development stage

China's rare earth resource reserves rank first in the world. In giving play to its resource advantages, it is urgent to use the unique functions of rare earth elements to solve the problems of long afterglow materials, such as short afterglow time, low brightness, poor stability and easy deliquescence. In this regard, Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute has developed an industrialized preparation process for the preparation of Red Long Afterglow Phosphors by high-temperature solid-state reaction, successfully discussed the method of liquid-phase synthesis of the material, and prepared samples of luminescent materials required by special users. Relying on these studies, Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute applied for one national invention patent and one utility model patent

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