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A brief analysis of transformation: the future path of traditional publishing enterprises

in recent years, people in the field of traditional media always feel exhausted due to the impact of digital technology. However, the more desperate it is, the more new opportunities will appear, and the more likely it is to have a bright future. In fact, when people in the traditional publishing industry feel desperate, many people outside the industry feel that there are many opportunities in the publishing industry. Maybe it's because we stand in publishing and look at digitalization. We are always used to applying digitalization to this new thing according to the traditional mode of traditional publishing; But if we change our perspective and jump out of the traditional publishing completely, we will find that the way out is not a rugged path, but a sunny road. I think, while the Internet is breaking our iron rice bowl, it may be a golden rice bowl quietly handed over, depending on whether we can catch it

the Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee made the decision to promote the great development and prosperity of socialist culture, which provided an unprecedented good opportunity for all cultural industries

in the context of the new technological revolution, the traditional publishing industry represented by paper book publishing must keep up with the pace of scientific and technological development. In fact, digital publishing technology is only a revolution of traditional publishing technology and traditional reading methods. What it brings is not the demise of reading experience, but the rebirth of unlimited reading. Starting from the resources occupied by traditional media, through cultural creativity and the use of digital technology, the edited content can be connected with more emerging media other than traditional paper media, which is of special significance to traditional publishing houses for industrial development and the key to successful transformation and development

recognize the trend and find the right direction

there are two trends that we must pay attention to: the first trend is that interconnection makes regional depreciation. With the development of Internet, the advantages and functions generated by regionality will become smaller and smaller. This is not difficult to understand, because the biggest feature of interconnection is cross region. The second trend is the depreciation of content due to the progress of Internet technology. Specifically, Internet technology makes content less scarce than before, and less and less scarce, making it easier to produce safety rules for construction elevators gb10055 (1) 996; Since content is no longer scarce, its depreciation must be a trend. At this time, if the publishing house adheres to the old business model of developing and selling content, or the publishing house that earns income from content, although the control method is relatively simple, 1 will continue to face the challenge of price reduction, so it will struggle on the edge of survival, painful and helpless

content has depreciated, so what has become scarce? User's attention! This thing will become scarce. The content is too rich and the information is too rich. It becomes more and more difficult for a content to attract the attention of users. Users' attention is scarce, in other words, users are becoming increasingly scarce. Therefore, this scarce thing is the key to creating a new business model

at this time, whoever can master the user group and serve the user group with high quality must be at the top of the food chain. Because as long as you have a user base, whether it's sales, advertising or corporate sponsorship, there can be many profit models

affect users to master users

first make a hypothesis: suppose we can unite all children's publishing houses and children's Periodicals in the country to form a children's publishing consortium, and then rely on Internet technology to create a multimedia service platform for children, and use the current book product content to attract, gather, and attract all age-appropriate users, as long as there are these users, We will have the opportunity to provide them with more and various services, such as education, health care, physical exercise, leisure and entertainment, social networking, video games, etc. these services are some extremely unique, which may require fees and subscriptions, but most of them are free. However, because the number of user groups is large enough, whether advertising or corporate sponsorship, can become our business model as long as we are willing. There is only one reason why we become so proactive. We rely on the Internet to achieve unprecedented mastery and influence on users. Don't forget, in the past, we had to rely on dealers, so channels should be king (channels are king); In the past, to attract users, we had to rely on authors to bring good works, so content should be king (content is king). Now we know that the situation can be completely different, because who controls the user is the king, and who controls the absolute initiative. This is the core, this is the essence

children's publishing consortium is a combination based on user concepts, so it is also a highly specialized combination. It is completely different from the economies combined according to the concept of region. Therefore, the future development direction must be: using Internet technology to build a professional service platform based on specific users; The primary purpose of the platform is to gather users, and then affect users, master users, and open up strategic depth for future survival and development

did not pass the experiment

start from yourself and have great prospects in the future

of course, the above children's publishing consortium is only an idea. Restricted by many factors, this combination based on breaking the administrative block is really difficult to achieve practical results. However, if we identify the direction and start from ourselves, there is still much to be done

at present, Beijing Publishing Group has begun to combine its own advantageous resources and take the popularization of science as the starting point to plan the science popularization and innovation multimedia platform project. Through this project, through the combination with new technology, build a network service platform for national science popularization users, provide users with all-round science popularization and education services, and then serve users more widely, gather users, influence users, master users, and try the specific direction and methods of enterprise transformation. With the successful establishment of science popularization innovation multimedia platform, the following three goals can be achieved

become one of the knowledge and information hubs supporting the implementation of the national scientific and technological innovation strategy and economic transformation strategy. The advantage of popular science multimedia platform is that it integrates the breadth, relevance and complexity of scientific and technological knowledge, and has strong timeliness and intuition. The popular science multimedia platform supported by large publishing groups provides a large amount of basic scientific and technological knowledge and the latest scientific and technological development trends to the public through the collection, screening and integration of resource information. At the same time, through the demand information collection platform provided by customers on the popular science multimedia platform, the trend information active in the forefront of science and technology and knowledge innovation is transmitted to the national science and Technology Department, thus becoming the information interaction hub between the national science and technology strategy and private innovation forces. The future popular science multimedia platform, together with the library system of scientific research institutions and campus resources, will become one of the basic supports for the country to popularize scientific and technological knowledge, understand the trend of folk scientific and technological innovation, and promote the improvement of knowledge innovation ability. Provide the most vivid scientific and technological information services to government agencies; At the same time, relevant government agencies are also targeted as the most special users

become one of the intuitive cognitive platforms to support the national scientific and technological quality to adapt to the development of the times. With the surging tide of contemporary new science and technology, the updating speed of knowledge, especially scientific and technological knowledge, is accelerating day by day. What cannot be ignored is that the public often cannot keep up with the update speed of modern scientific and technological knowledge, and there are phenomena such as ignorance, blind obedience or scientific blindness of the times. Therefore, how to meet the citizens' thirst for scientific and technological information related to the development of modern science and technology, or their own health, work, life and other aspects, has become a problem related to the well-being of the people, such as the monofilament temperature is higher than the water bath temperature. The popular science multimedia platform for the national public will focus on meeting the people's needs for information and knowledge about the progress of the times, social hot spots, emergencies, such as green environmental protection, childbirth, health preservation, nuclear energy utilization and so on. The popular science multimedia platform provides a platform for the public to understand and participate in science. The popular science form of multimedia can maximize the public's interest in science, lead the public to actively participate in popular science, and thus improve the public's scientific literacy. Provide the most authoritative, practical and timely scientific and technological information services to the public, and encourage the public to participate in interaction; At the same time, it also locks the public into the most basic users

become a supporting platform for discipline education, popular science education and personality education for teenagers. Relying on the comprehensiveness, authority and systematicness of its own scientific and technological knowledge information, and the timeliness, interactivity and intuitiveness of multimedia technology, popular science multimedia platform can provide a supporting platform for discipline education, popular science education and students' interest learning in primary and secondary schools and educational institutions. Combined with the current classroom multimedia teaching in primary and secondary schools, the popular science multimedia platform can seamlessly connect with the classroom of teachers and students, and turn the one-way and monotonous information and knowledge transfer between students and textbooks into an interactive, multi-means and intuitive teaching experience between students and the popular science multimedia platform, so as to provide a new knowledge transfer platform for the teaching reform of China's basic education in the new era

based on digital, customized and professional platform construction, the prospect is bright. However, we are not at ease, because only before traditional books have lost their influence, can we make such a combination most effective. First, we should mainly use traditional media resources to attract users to a digital service platform, and then let users gradually get used to and rely on this digital service platform. Because you have mastered a service platform that can affect users, it doesn't matter whether traditional books are declining or not

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