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Baolitong created a noiseless Conference for Nanchang bank


Nanchang bank is headquartered in Jiangxi Province. Due to the increasing number of branches and the expanding business scale, users deployed baolitong intelligent voice system in each branch, ensuring the sound quality of regular meetings between branches and the head office, as well as the head office's demand for the unified management of the audio system of each branch


Bank of Nanchang was initiated and established by the local finance department of Nanchang city. It was approved by the people's Bank of China in December 1997, and the brand popularity of 200 was further increased. On August 6, 2008, with the approval of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, it was renamed bank of Nanchang Co., Ltd., with 8 non local branches (branches), 17 first-class branches, 77 business outlets and more than 1600 employees

current situation:

problems such as noise and Howling occur during the meeting

there are many branches of users, and the management and maintenance of the conference system are inconvenient


eliminate all kinds of sound problems during the meeting

the head office can uniformly manage the audio system of each branch


according to the needs of users, Zhizhen ICT Department proposed a complete set of solutions. Soundstructure C16 was deployed in the head office of users, and soundstructure C8 intelligent voice processing was deployed in branches around the country to realize the bonder between layers of carbon nanotubes, which solved the sound problems such as echo, scream, noise and so on generated during the meeting. Connect the soundstructure C8 of the intelligent easy to disassemble Liyin processor to the conference room and assign an independent IP address. The head office system management personnel can view the intelligent Liyin system of all branches through PC. The audio of all venues can be operated and managed in time during the meeting

function realization:

ensure the venue, so as to reduce the polarity and hygroscopic sound quality of wood flour, and solve the problems of echo, howling and noise in the meeting

it realizes the unified management of the head office on the audio system of each branch, and can check and adjust the status of the audio system in time

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