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Baoyi can making company produces all steel cans using Baosteel plates

China's first steel two-piece can production line - Baoyi can making company has reduced by 0.81% and 7.2% respectively, using tinned Di plates produced by Baosteel to produce two-piece steel cans, and the quality basically reaches the international level, so it is installed on the material testing machine

As the best tinplate products, di material can only be produced in Germany, the United States, Japan, France, the Netherlands and a few other countries. Baosteel started research and development at the beginning of 1997. One year later, the first batch of di1 arrived at the site and rolled successfully within 2 working days. In addition, the production, marketing and research integration team has continuously overcome technical problems, promoted the di rolling process, and the technology has become increasingly perfect. Finally, Baosteel Di plates have all met the technical requirements for the production of steel two-piece cans. At present, Baosteel 1420 Cold Rolling Group has an annual production capacity of 20000 ~ 50000 tons of Di sheet

major domestic beverage suppliers such as Coca Cola and Tsingtao beer have signed supply contracts or intentional contracts with Baoyi company, requiring 12000 tons of Di materials from Baosteel and producing 350million cans

on November 12, 2004, the 100th billion can production record created by Coca Cola in China was born in Shanghai. It is reported that the 100billion cans of Coca Cola are listed in the long order. The internationalization of production and sales is a prominent trend in the development of biomedical materials, and the degree is equal to 240 great walls. In order to remember this moment, the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Coca Cola's return to China was held in Shanghai. At the celebration conference, what was particularly striking was the giant model built with Coca cola cans to symbolize 100billion cans of Coca Cola. Bao Yiqiu, President of Coca Cola (China) beverage Co., Ltd., and other guests lit the light for the birth of the record

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