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Baotou City has included the construction of "waste free city" into the annual performance appraisal of leading cadres

release date: Source: the Ministry of ecological environment

in order to implement the requirements of the notice of the general office of the State Council on printing and distributing the pilot work plan for the construction of "waste free city" (GBF [2018] No. 128), the Ministry of ecological environment organized provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to recommend candidate cities for "waste free city", Together with relevant departments, the "11+5" pilot cities and regions were selected and determined. From now on, we will launch the "waste free city tour" column, which is understood to display and promote the fresh cases and advanced experience of "11+5" pilot cities and regions in promoting the construction of "waste free cities"

I. work deployment

Baotou City attaches great importance to the pilot construction work. In July 2019, a leading group was established with the Secretary of the municipal Party committee and the mayor as the two leaders, 12 municipal leaders in charge, 10 regional party and government leaders, and 21 departmental units as the members, and all ideas were eliminated; If it is still unable to eliminate the faults, the city will promote the pilot construction. The pilot work is listed as the municipal task of independent innovation and reform, and incorporated into the annual performance appraisal target system of county-level leading groups and leading cadres in the city for restraint and incentive

on December 31, 2019, the "pilot implementation plan for the construction of a" waste free city "in Baotou city was formulated and issued. The construction idea of "industrial green cycle, agricultural ecological development and low-carbon consumption" was clarified, and 52 pilot indicators and 22 pilot tasks were determined

in January and may 2020, the municipal government held the pilot promotion meetings of the city's "waste free city" construction respectively to comprehensively deploy and promote various pilot indicators

Baotou City has set up a special class without waste, formulated and printed the "Baotou City" construction pilot work system (for Trial Implementation) "and" Baotou City "solid pilot work publicity plan for" waste free city ", and established weekly work meetings, half monthly work scheduling, monthly special supervision and other working systems. Actively urge the leading departments and the county and district governments to formulate special plans in this field and implement plans in this region. And carried out on-site guidance and work supervision one by one

second, work results

first, continue to optimize industrial layout. We have studied and formulated the "12 measures of Baotou City on encouraging and supporting the development of" enclave economy "and the work plan for optimizing spatial layout" and other policy guidance documents, focused on adjusting the layout of key industries, actively established "enclave" parks, continued to optimize the industrial layout, and worked hard to promote the low-level upgrading at the entrance

second, increase the adjustment of energy structure. We will actively promote the construction of the demonstration area for the comprehensive application of renewable energy and vigorously develop the new energy power generation industry. At present, the installed capacity of new energy in the city has reached 5.28 million KW, including 4.48 million kw of wind power, 800000 kW of photovoltaic power generation and 36000 kW of renewable power generation. The installed capacity of new energy has reached 32% of the total installed capacity

third, actively build an industrial green manufacturing system. Vigorously promote the establishment of green parks along the Yellow River Industrial Park, and encourage key industries such as steel smelting, non-ferrous processing and smelting, rare earth, electrolytic aluminum, and chemical industry to carry out green manufacturing. At present, one green park, seven green factories, and 11 green products have been built. Two green parks, 13 green factories and 5 green products are being declared

fourth, actively promote the formulation of local standards. Actively promote the formulation of local standards for the use of steel slag in road construction, and the three local standards drafted by Inner Mongolia Academy of Transportation Sciences have passed the preliminary examination of the autonomous region. At the same time, in combination with the regional environmental characteristics of Baotou City, a professional positive energy team has been entrusted to develop group standards and technical specifications for the use of bulk solid wastes in ecological restoration in terms of economic, ecological and social benefits, so as to promote the improvement of the disposal and consumption capacity of general solid wastes in Baotou city

fifth, actively guide the scientific and technological innovation of solid waste utilization. Relying on more than 60 scientific research institutes such as Baotou Innovation Research Institute of Peking University and Fanchuang solid waste recycling research and Utilization Center, Inner Mongolia bulk industrial solid waste industrial technology innovation strategic alliance has been established to actively promote the scientific and technological innovation of solid waste utilization. In addition, it organized and applied for the targeted project of the key special project "integrated demonstration of solid waste recycling in typical rare earth mineral resources base" of the 2020 national key R & D plan "solid waste recycling"

sixth, continuously improve the intelligent supervision of solid waste. We should make full use of big data and Internet technology to promote the establishment of a full process, closed-loop and intelligent supervision mode for solid waste, and effectively improve the fine supervision level of solid waste. At present, the management side of the monitoring platform has been built, and the enterprise side is gradually improving. It is expected to be initially constructed by the end of the year, and after completion, the information of key solid waste enterprises in the city can be fully covered

seventh, focus on the construction of "no waste cells" and green express delivery. The city plans to build 110 "green shopping malls", "green supermarkets", "green catering" and other waste free cells. At present, the relevant evaluation standards have been drafted and will be officially issued after seeking the opinions of all parties. At the same time, waste recycling devices have been set up in all 243 postal express delivery points in the city. The utilization rate of express electronic waybills in the city has reached 99.83%, the utilization rate of "slimming tape" has reached 94.73%, and the utilization rate of recyclable transfer bags has reached 55.82%

Eighth, vigorously promote the construction of green buildings. Strengthen the supervision of the whole process of green building design, construction and completion acceptance, and constantly improve the proportion of green buildings. In 2020, 997000 square meters of green buildings in the city will pass the map review, accounting for 95% of all new buildings. The first three projects including Wanjun Dacheng community have been recognized as National Star green building logo

ninth, the whole people should participate to effectively improve the public's participation and awareness of "waste free cities". Print and distribute the "Baotou City" waste free city construction pilot publicity work plan ", promote all departments and regions to actively carry out the" waste free city "publicity work, successively publish more than 60 articles related to" waste free city "in Baotou, evening news, radio, television and other traditional media, and conduct centralized interviews for 6 times. Forward or publish Baotou's "waste free city" series of articles through new media platforms such as station, today's headlines. So far, Baotou has produced and distributed 5000 posters and other promotional materials, posted 3000 promotional slogans, and produced 5 promotional H5 and animated short videos. The relevant stations forwarded the manuscripts of the pilot project of "waste free city" construction in the city for more than 130 times, with a total of more than 500000 views and readings

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