Characteristics of the hottest polymer oil bearing

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Characteristics of polymer oil bearing

the polymer can be injection molded. For large bearings over 1kg, they can be pressed 4 and clamped. Generally, when adopting excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel, they can freely set the number of operation cycles to require shrinkage molding or monomer pouring molding. High forming speed, high precision and low production cost

4. Vibration absorption

polymer bearings have good impact resistance and vibration absorption. For example, the steering wheel control system of a car adopts polyacetal oil bearing, which can prevent the vibration caused by uneven road surface from being transmitted to the human body, making driving more comfortable and safer

5. Compliance

the elastic modulus of the polymer is about 1% of the metal, so it has good compliance and can make the shaft diameter in good contact with the bearing bush

6. Corrosion resistance

in addition,

the corrosion resistance of polymer is better than that of metal, and even water can be used as lubricant. For example, phenolic lithium chloride is mainly used to prepare metal lithium resin and polyphenyl phthalate, which can be used as the bearing material of water lubricated bearings

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