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Environmental friendly water-based UV ink characteristics

compared with ordinary ink, this ink has three characteristics:

environmental friendly: ordinary silk screen printing ink is dry at room temperature. Because the ink layer of silk printing is thick and not easy to dry, ordinary ink can only add acetone, cyclohexanone and other volatile substances, but these substances are extremely harmful to human body, and seriously affect the indoor environment, and have a pungent taste, These factors will damage the image of your company

if the material has enough plasticity

environmental friendly UV ink will never add any harmful substances and heavy metals, and its environmental protection will meet the EU excellent standard for environmental protection

batch uniformity of picture color: ordinary ink is very slow in the printing process. A large amount of ink solvent volatilizes in the air, and the ink will quickly darken from the normal color. In this way, it is impossible to achieve uniformity in batch production of pictures. One sample can be printed well, but the color of the whole batch will be very different

the environment-friendly UV ink is very fast in the printing process. The ink has no volatile substances. The ink can maintain long-term stability in the air. It can be cured instantly only under high-intensity ultraviolet radiation to form a picture. The picture can be highly consistent in mass production

printing effect: due to the slow drying speed and large amount of solvent volatilization of ordinary ink, it is difficult to achieve the treatment of large and fine pictures, and the dot edges are prone to be blurred, resulting in poor contrast of picture colors

environmental friendly UV ink can achieve high precision in 0.2 seconds under UV irradiation. The imported variable speed motor can be set with stepless experimental speed for complete curing and drying. There is no point diffusion, the edge is clear, and the three-dimensional image is better. You can choose a more refined version, with clear color transition and stronger sense of hierarchy. The first gel enterprise in China was established in 2004 and the pilot test of aerogel gel powder was successful in 2006. The copyright of this article comes from the network and belongs to the original author. The above three points are the main maintenance measures of the experimental machine. They are only for everyone to share and learn. If the author thinks that infringement is involved, please contact us and we will delete them immediately after verification

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